November 19, 2007
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A Shot At Love

Tila Tequila is making a name for herself on MTV :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Up until six weeks ago, we'd never heard of Tila Tequila and we're still not sure how she got her own MTV train wreck TV show. Luckily, Ashley McNeely, a contestant on A Shot at Love and former Marshall football player, offered some insight about the show.
Tale of Two Salaries
Not to pour salt on the wound that was Alabama's loss to Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday, but as The Wizard of Odds points out, Nick Saban is the nation's highest paid Division I-A coach ($4 million/year) while Indians coach Charlie Weatherbie is the lowest paid ($130,00/year).
Dumb Burglary of the Week
We're not sure what's worse -- Ole Miss' performance on the field this season or the fact that 20 members of the team were put on probation for stealing pillows from team hotels.
Good News For Dead Georgia Alums
The UGA Board of Regents has agreed to meet and discuss its longstanding rule banning the UGA logo be placed on items that would bring ridicule to the school. And No. 1 on the list -- UGA caskets (followed by Dawg-themed sex toys and toilet seats).
Hip Hop Frat?
That's right, three Indiana students are bring street to Greek life by forming a chapter of Eta Iota Rho (a.k.a. -- HIP), which will emphasize the four main elements of hip-hop: break dance, graffiti, DJing and MCing. The group will begin living in a house and start taking pledges next fall.
Saved by The Hills

Are Virgina Tech fans really that unruly? :: Scott Gries/Getty Images
We reported last week about the less-than-friendly crowds at Auburn and Hawaii. We have a new addition to the list -- Virginia Tech. According to this Florida State student, the Hokie fans "gave new meaning to the words 'obnoxious' and 'rude.'" We think he's just angry Blaksburg doesn't provide the sights FSU fans have gotten used to
Today in Hot Clicks
Best sports and female celebrities in HDTV ... Seedy underbelly of live sports ... Marbury's secret intel on Isiah ... NFL roster made up of comic book heroes
Pop Culture Nugget
News of the writers strike is everywhere, but here's all you really need to know -- a list of prime time shows and how many new episodes are left before the strike puts them on involuntary hiatus. Here's hoping we're all big fans of Everybody Hates Chris.
Odds and Ends
UNC's field hockey team won the national championship ... Mixing Red Bull and Vodka -- probably not the best idea ... A communications professor at Boston University tried (unsuccessfully) to get his students to drink beer in class ... Is it time for Syracuse to add some blue to its color-scheme?
Videos of the Day
Sideline Reporter Snafu

This couldn't have felt good.

Lloyd, Lloyd, Lloyd

Remembering the happy moments in Lloyd Carr's Michigan tenure.

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