November 26, 2007
The Links
Wild Hogs

Arkansas fans love their Razorbacks. :: Greg Nelson/SI
We're not sure what's more impressive -- Arkansas' triple-overtime win over top-ranked LSU, Casey Dick's block on Darren McFadden's 73-yard touchdown run, or these fans' reaction to the game.
Mascot Awards
Which mascot is the "most awesomest?" College News comes up with its choice and other mascot awards.
Dreideling at College Park
It hasn't been the best year at Maryland -- the football team is a very blah 6-6, their coach is constantly teased for his ever-growing weight and the school is unsure whether to punish students who call ambulances for their alcohol-poisoned friends. But all the bad karma could change on Dec. 5, when the school tries to set the world record for most dreidels spun at once.
Insult to Injury
As if getting beaten by Ohio State wasn't enough, now Michigan fans have to look at this hilarious license plate, courtesy of an Ohio State fan.
Tebow's Hardware?
It will cost $118.83 to ship the 25-pound Heisman Trophy from New York City to Gainesville, home of the award's frontrunner, Tim Tebow. Although one blogger disagrees -- claiming Tebow is "White America's desperate attempt to win back the QB position."
Biggest Buffs Fan

Eric Cartman is among the biggest Colorado fans. :: AP
Cornhusker fans may have enjoyed Saturday's Nebraska-Colorado game because it was the last time they'll have to see Bill Callahan soiling up their sideline, but our highlight came within the first five minutes -- when South Park resident Eric Cartman introduced CU's starting lineup.
Today in Hot Clicks
Hogan's wife files for divorce, but doesn't tell Hulk ... Old-school Jordan music video ... Worst stats ever ... Where's Craig Kilborn?
Pop Culture Nugget
Julia Roberts parked in a handicapped space.
Odds and Ends
Notre Dame turns 155 today ... We're more partial to pong, but if Beerball is your game, here are the official rules ... A custodian at Brown doesn't like being ignored ... Here are some of the best pics from the weekend in college football.
Videos of the Day
BCS Bashing -- Acoustic Style

A look at all the BCS bowls you probably won't watch.

Giving Him the Business

In case you missed it, here's the most entertaining penalty call, ever.

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