November 28, 2007
The Links
Eating Well in Evanston

No school is more vegetarian friendly than Northwestern. :: Chuck Rydlewski/Icon SMI
Northwestern may not be a football powerhouse, but they sure know how to eat right. According to Peta2, Northwestern is the nation's most vegetarian-friendly school (followed by Yale and Cal).
Tulsa as Hell?
Tulsa is less than pleased with the antics of the Rice marching band, which performed a piece called Todd Graham's Inferno during halftime of last Saturday's matchup between the schools. Graham is the former Rice coach who left after just one season to coach the Golden Hurricanes.
Funniest Facebook Groups of 2007
Our fave -- "Dora the Explorer is soo an illegal immigrant." Although we still think there are much funnier ones. In fact, we encourage you to send us the funniest Facebook groups you've seen. And while you're at it, don't be afraid to join SIOC's Facebook group (812 members and counting...)
Dumb Walter
Walter McCarty, an assistant coach on Rick Pitino's Louisville team, was spotted in a Las Vegas nightclub on Thursday morning. No big deal, except McCarty was also seen taking shots of Patron tequila with two members of the Cardinals' basketball squad.
Teddy Bear for Adults
Two South Carolina students are making a nice chunk of change with their side project -- The Bookah Bear. That's right, they are creating hookahs out of stuffed teddy bears, all for the low price of $80.
Hawaii's Newest Sugar Daddies

The Maloof Brothers have a new favorite school -- Hawaii. :: Steve Spatafore/Getty Images
It must be nice to be a Maloof. The Palms Casino owners attended a University of Hawaii game earlier this season and had such a good time, they decided to donate $50,000 to Na Koa, the football program's booster club and $25,000 to the June Jones Foundation. Here's hoping that some of that money goes to finding the Rainbows stolen helmets.
Pop Culture Nugget
Kim Kardashian was robbed at a New York airport while signing autographs for Delta employees. Thieves stole jewelry, a Cartier watch, a laptop and a digital camera from her bags.
Today in Hot Clicks
Gyllenhaal to play Namath. Who'll play Kolber? ... NBA players who are stealing money ... Jessica Simpson's dad helped Romo hook them up ... Former bowl game names
Odds and Ends
At Penn, a student was arrested for stealing women's underwear -- and his last name is Wang ... It's safe to say this student doesn't like Sudoku ... Saturday night's Florida International-North Texas matchup marks the final game in the Orange Bowl, and tickets are free ... Here is a list of college football's biggest surprises this season.
Videos of the Day
College Quidditch

J.K. Rowling would be proud.

Classic Mascot Fight

An oldie but a goodie -- a Michigan State cheerleader beats up Bucky the Badger for stealing the Spartan's flag.

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