December 03, 2007
The Links
Your BCS Puzzle is Solved

Ohio State will take on LSU in the BCS Title game. ::Peter Schlitt; Bob Rosato/SI
The strangest season in college football history will end with LSU taking on Ohio State for the national championship. This comes on the heels of Tigers Coach Les Miles taking almost taking the head coaching job at Michigan before deciding to stick around at LSU. And, no, I don't feel sorry for Hawaii fans. You live in Hawaii -- go to the beach and complain to the ocean.
When You Gotta Go...
Forget Kevin Love, Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley and O.J. Mayo -- SIOC has a new favorite freshman and his name is Bill Walker. Why? Because Walker really had to pee during Thursday's game against Oregon, but instead of hustling to the locker room, he (with the help of six towels) did his business on the sideline and hopped back into the game.
Cut That (Leg) Hair!!
A former Texas A&M student has set the Guinness record for longest leg hair -- five inches. More incredibly, he is actually married and his wife let him grow it out to set the record.
Best Cheap Beers
You know them, you love them, you drink them late in the night when you're already really drunk and just want something to sip on. So which is the best of the crappy beers? Our friends at College Drinker take a closer look.
It Pays To Be Naked
Ever wonder about those nude models who get paid to pose in their birthday suit for art class? Students at Brown discuss the experience, the pay (only $15-$20 an hour!) and the fun of standing perfectly still for 45 minutes while people stare at your completely naked body.
UCF Loves Their Trampoline Football Stadium

Central Florida students enjoy a game at The Trampoline :: Cliff Welch/Icon SMI
Central Florida fans are loving the team's new digs at the Bright House Networks Stadium (a.k.a. -- The Trampoline) since realizing that if they all jump up and down simultaneously, they can make the upper deck bounce. Engineers say it's safe, though judging by this video and a little common sense, we aren't so sure.
Pop Culture Nugget
Tila Tequila isn't bisexual ... or is she?
Today in Hot Clicks
SI's holiday gift ideas ... Most fashionable athletes ... Belichick cooks, sorta ... Knicks get a Lou Holtz pep talk.
Odds and Ends
Oregon threw a condom fashion show, including this skirt made from about 500 of Trojan's finest ... Heisman Trophy winners don't always have successful NFL careers, but some do quite well in the business world ... This picture of Mark Mangino (courtesy of Big Ten Tailgate) is just wrong.
Videos of the Day
Pitt Locker Room Celebration

Pitt's football team may have only gone 5-7 this year, but Saturday's win against No. 2 West Virginia had the team pumped up.

Hot Dog Eating Contest -- Man vs. Dog

We're still not sure who won.

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