December 06, 2007
The Links
How Much Does a Win Cost?

Bowling Green students are excited about their head coach. :: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
The USA Today has crunched the numbers and the biggest coaching bargain in D-1 football is Bowling Green's Gregg Brandon, who earned $183,909 last year and saw his Falcons win eight games for an average of $22,989 per victory. On the opposite end is Minnesota's Tim Brewster, whose $1-million-a-year salary and one win cost the school ... you can do the math.
Kirk's Bad Day
Poor Kirk Herbstreit. He was skewered for falsely reporting Les Miles would take over as the head coach at Michigan, only to backtrack when Miles announced he was staying at LSU, leading Herbstreit to say that he'll never break a news story again. Now comes a fun rumor that his "inside source" on the Miles scoop was a prank caller pretending to be Desmond Howard.
The Most Mediocre CFB Teams
They're just good enough to get your hopes up at the start of each season but not good enough to win anything significant. It's the five most mediocre college football teams!
Dotting the I
It seems every school claims to have the nation's top marching band and we know better than to proclaim one the very best. We would, however, place Ohio State's near the top of the list (based on this Script Ohio performance alone). But we were a little taken aback at this new formation they are rehearsing -- specifically for LSU.
Charlie Weis' Next Job
If the whole football coaching thing doesn't work out for Charlie Weis -- and judging by this season, it really isn't -- the Notre Dame coach has a position waiting for him on one of President Bush's committees.

Oklahoma is the Rowdy Roddy Piper of the BCS. :: John Shearer/Getty Images; J.P. Wilson/Icon SMI
We love professional wrestling (especially from the '80s). We love college football. So when SIOC's Ty Hildenbrandt compared each BCS team to a pro wrestler, we knew we had to find a place for it in Campus Clicks.
Pop Culture Nugget
The marketing staff at Sony Pictures decided to give away fake Hawaii driver's licenses with the purchase of a Superbad DVD ... and Honolulu police officials are not happy about it.
Today in Hot Clicks
LPGA's newest hottie ... MLB meets country music ... Ultimate Couch Potato Competition ... Video: Fantasy football tactic.
Odds and Ends
Boise State has sold fewer than 200 tickets to the Hawaii Bowl ... The are no bigger TV geeks than the students at Cal ... Someone at Princeton is confusing the laundry room with a toilet.
Videos of the Day
Make Him a Mascot!!

Students at George Mason are pushing for Doc Nix -- the school's pep band director -- to replace Gunston as the school's official mascot. This video should tell you why.

Will Ferrell Needs More Clothes

Has the whole Will Ferrell sports-movie-thing jumped the shark? After watching this preview of his latest piece of art, Semi-Pro, we're still not sure.

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