December 07, 2007
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What's Wrong with Arkansas?

Arkansas hasn't had much success finding a new head coach. :: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Jim Grobe became the latest coach to give the Arkansas head coaching gig a big "no thank you," following the lead of Tommy Tuberville and Tommy Bowden. We don't quite get why everyone is treating Arkansas like Britney Spears. Sure, the school's rabid fanbase has a reputation for abusing its coaches, but there are several good factors that make Fayetteville an attractive landing spot for a coach.
Worst Cheap Shots of the Season
Our friends at College News have poured through hundreds of hours of film to provide you with the best of the worst.
The Most Tasteless Halloween Costume ...
... goes to these two Penn State students, who thought it would be funny to dress up like victims of the Virginia Tech shootings. We're not sure what's going on at PSU, but between the costumes and the assault on the Ohio State tailgaters, the students in Happy Valley sure seem angry.
Life of a Kicker
Speaking of unhappy fans, students in Morgantown are not singing the praises of kicker Pat McAfee, whose missed two field goals (of 20 and 32 yards) in the Moutaineers' 13-9 loss to Pitt. Since the loss, he's had his car vandalized and even received death threats, forcing his dad to go on public radio to defend his son.
Coaching Vacancy Report
We can barely keep track of all the comings and goings in the college football coaching world. Luckily, The Big and the Brown are on top of things and have the best rundown we've seen of the coaching carousel.
College Football NIT

Ole Miss would get the top seed in a college football NIT. :: Joe Murphy/Getty Images
Sure, college football has no NIT, but Gopher Nation plays a little "what if" and comes up with an eight-team draw.
Pop Culture Nugget
When Tara Reid was relevant, she earned $26,000 per promotional appearance. Now that her 15 minutes are up, that rate has dropped to $3,000.
Today in Hot Clicks
LPGA's newest hottie ... MLB meets country music ... Ultimate Couch Potato Competition ... Video: Fantasy football tactic.
Odds and Ends
Everyone should get a chance to take this class currently being offered at Kentucky ... All you need to know about the NCAA women's volleyball tournament ... It's not a good time to have a car in Madison ... College football is more like Jessica Simpson than you think.
Videos of the Day
Penn State Big Man Dance

This one cracked us up.

The World's Biggest Bubble

A little random, but fascinating at the same time.

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