December 10, 2007
The Links
Your Heisman Winner

Tim Tebow had the support of many Florida fans. :: Bob Rosato/SI; AP
Congrats to Tim Tebow for not only winning the Heisman, but not owning one pair of jean shorts (or at least that's what he claims). Of course, not everyone agrees with the decision of the Heisman committee.
In Other Award Controversies ...
Ohio State junior James Laurinaitis won the Butkus Award, given to the nation's top linebacker. We're not sure if Road Warrior Animal influenced the voting, but according to the stats, that award should've gone to Colorado's Jordan Dizon or Penn State's Dan Connor.
More Reasons to Hate Duke
As The Blue Zone points out, the whole fiasco with Don Imus badmouthing the Rutgers basketball team was Duke's fault. Maybe it's time to just boycott the school once and for all.
Probably Should've Settled
Former Fresno State women's head basketball coach Stacy Johnson-Klein won a $19 million sexual harassment suit against the school, including $11 million for "future pain and suffering." Even more incredible, Johnson-Klein's attorney, Warren Paboojian, claims that he tried to settle with the school for $950,000 before the trial began and was rebuffed.
What's Wrong With Michigan?
Michigan's search for a new head coach has officially become a fiasco, and many of the school's alumni think it's because of former coach Lloyd Carr.
College Football's Most Annoying Trends

Are you annoyed by the USC Song Girls? :: Joe Murphy/Getty Images
The Bleacher Report points out five thingsthe college football world could do without. We had one small problem with the list, however and that's the inclusion of the USC Song Girls. They're not only great to look at, but provide us with great accidental comedy like cheering at the wrong time.
Pop Culture Nugget
Empire Magazine came out with their list of 100 sexiest movie stars and Angelina Jolie is No. 1 followed by Natalie Portman. No, that's not a typo ... Natalie Portman. Because nothing says sexy like a bald movie star.
Today in Hot Clicks
LPGA's newest hottie ... MLB meets country music ... Ultimate Couch Potato Competition ... Video: Fantasy football tactic.
Odds and Ends
Grand Valley State's football squad was knocked out of the Division II playoffs, ending a 40-game winning steak ... The USC women's soccer team won the national championship ... David N. Arseneault, a point guard for Division III Grinnell, broke an NCAA record with 34 assists in a 151-112 win on Saturday ... Canadians are doing well in college basketball.
Videos of the Day
Please Make Fun of These Ohio State Students

We try and be nice at SIOC, but then a video like this comes along and we can't help ourselves.

The I Hate BCS Blues

Inspired by Bob Dylan, this Dawg tells us all that's wrong with the BCS (warning, there is some mildly offensive language, so put on your headphones).

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