December 12, 2007
The Links
Runnin' In Your Undies

UCLA students are gearing up for tonight's undie run. :: Aaron Josefczyk/Icon SMI
Get the video cameras out -- tonight is the UCLA's annual fall undie run (and judging by this video of last year's run, it should be quite the spectacle). Though we were more surprised (and impressed) by the students at Tufts University, who toughed out a chilly New England night to enjoy a naked quad run.
Tim Tebow's Girlfriend? Not Quite
This picture of Tim Tebow's "girlfriend" in a bikini is quickly spreading through the blogosphere (and making every American male jealous of the Florida QB). But as With Leather pointed out last month, it's not Tebow's girl.
College Football's All-Underdog Team
The Bleacher Report shows some love for those players who are too often overlooked. Our favorite is Arkansas everyman Peyton Hillis, who was overshadowed by that guy McFadden (you may have heard of him), but should have a nice NFL career as a fullback.
Police Blotter
It's always fun to take a look through UWire's Campus Blotter and read about those who ran afoul of the law. Our favorite from this week involves a West Virginia student who -- after consuming a few too many drinks -- hit not one, not two, not five, but seven parked cars at an apartment complex.
Macho, Macho Men
We're not sure the word "macho" is even relevant in 2007 (seriously, when was the last time you heard someone use it in a sentence), but our friends at The Pyramid of Excess came up with a list of the most macho coaches in college basketball. We'll make one addition to this list -- a lifetime achievement award to former Temple coach John Chaney, based on this performance alone.'s All-America Team

Kansas State's Jordy Nelson is a starting WR on's All-America team. :: AP
In case you missed it, weighed in yesterday with it's All-America team. We also suggest you check out our mock BCS playoffs, which pits USC and Oklahoma in the finals. And you get to vote on who wins!
Pop Culture Nugget
A week after declaring that she'd never appear naked in a film, Jessica Alba announced today that she is pregnant
Today in Hot Clicks
Golf's hottest girlfriend ... Jillian Barbarie kisses Terry Bradshaw ... Who's worse: Isiah Thomas or Cam Cameron?
Odds and Ends
Michigan students are doing great things with their trash ... Joe Namath will receive his degree from Alabama this weekend -- 42 years after leaving Tuscaloosa ... Who is announcing which bowl? Find out here.
Videos of the Day
The Ballad of Nick Saban

Forget Les Miles, let's pay tribute to the original flip-flopper.

Arkansas Finds Its Man

Last night's Bobby Petrino press conference was fascinating -- especially the Arkansas fans cheering his every other word, which seemed as fake as the president's State of the Union address. Then there was the Pig Sooie chant at the end. Just bizarre.

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