December 18, 2007
The Links
A Rumor Too Good To Be True

Is Nick Saban looking to leave Tuscaloosa? :: AP
Though it's likely just a rumor started by a LSU fan, the Internet is buzzing with word that Nick Saban's agent contacted West Virginia about its open coaching position. Maybe Saban was jealous of Bobby Petrino getting all the credit as the most despised coach in college football.
Third Time's a Charm?
The University of Michigan women's soccer team needs a new head coach -- so it went straight to its Triple A affiliate, West Virginia University, to meet with Mountaineers' coach Nikki Izzo-Brown.
Five Bowl Matchups You Don't Need to See
It's good to see we're not the only ones who'll skip the Purdue-Central Michigan barn-burner.
Incentive to Quit?
Bobby Bowden has a $1 million bonus waiting for him when he retires from his position as head coach at Florida State.
Our New Hero
Major props to 87-year-old Clarence Garrett, who graduated from Milwaukee-Wisconsin last weekend after dropping out 50 years ago to raise his family.
Blue Devils vs. Monkeys

Who's smarter -- a Duke student or a monkey? :: Bill Frakes/SI
A recent study at Duke pitted two monkeys (Boxer and Feinstein) against 14 students in a contest of mental addition, where each group had to add two sets of dots that were briefly flashed on a computer screen. The results -- about a tie. For their trouble, the monkeys were given a sip of Kool-Aid while the students received a respectable football team $10 each
Pop Culture Nugget
Jessica Simpson is not a movie star. Her latest film -- Blonde Ambition -- went straight to DVD and her next film -- Major Movie Star -- looks like it's going to meet the same fate. And she's not loved by football fans either.
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
We're not sure what's going on with Michael Jackson's face, but if the Jackson 5 are reuniting for a New Year's Gig, we're there.
Today in Hot Clicks
Hottest soccer wives/girlfriends ... Tom-Gisele anniversary ... Comparing sports figures to Christmas characters ... Remembering Chris Farley.
Odds and Ends
Les Miles has a pretty good sense of humor ... Urban Meyer certainly knows how to recruit ... Don't forget to vote for your sports blog of the year ... Penn State may host an outdoor NHL game ... A Princeton student got beat up faked getting beat up.
Videos of the Day
West Virginia Fan Gets Revenge on R-Rod

In Rod We Trust? Not anymore.

LSU Love Song

We're not sure if this is more funny or weird. We're leaning toward the latter.

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