December 20, 2007
The Links
Can You Spare an Extra Player?

FSU will be a little shorthanded for the Music City Bowl against Kentucky. :: AP
A month ago, FSU fans were looking forward to the Emerald Music City Bowl, but not so much anymore. The school suspended 23 members of its football team for the game (and the first three games of next season) for their roles in an alleged cheating scandal involving an internet course. The good news is that FSU's opponent, Kentucky, will be able to forget how Billy Gillespie is killing the school's basketball program. And Ashley Judd will be happy.
Living in the Library
Who needs dorm rooms when you have a 24-hour library? That's what Brown sophomore Grant Gilles thought, as he his self-imposed imprisonment in the Brown Science Library continues.
The Bowl Gifts
For everyone who complains that NCAA athletes are exploited and deserve compensation, we suggest you check out this list of gifts players receive simply for participating in a bowl game. It may be just us, but it seems like the haul for the Humanitarian Bowl (XM radio with 1-year subscription, backpack, speaker bag, winter parka, hoodie, skull cap/stocking hat, ski gloves, baseball cap, ball) is a lot more appealing that that of the BCS Championship (Nintendo Wii, Madden NFL 08 and two additional games, Majestic fleece pullover, New Era cap).
Most Memorable Quotes of 2007
Fred R. Shapiro, the editor of The Yale Book of Quotations, has come up with his list -- and Florida students may recognize his top choice.
Struggling at SMU
We don't think anyone is going to confuse the SMU men's basketball program with that of Duke and UCLA, but losing to South Carolina Upstate -- that's just unforgivable. It's not all bad in Dallas -- at least the school is thinking of hiring a good football coach.
WVU-Michigan -- The Radio War
We have a new favorite radio personality and his name is Coach Kidd of WVSR-FM in West Virginia. Kidd, a Michigan native, was suspended from his gig as morning DJ after playing the Michigan fight song repeatedly on his show -- a move that didn't go over too well with his pro-WVU audience.
15 Worst Christmas Songs Ever Created

Destiny's Child should stay away from recording Christmas songs. :: AP
It's that time of year again and our friends at Campus Squeeze have compiled their list of the top 15 overplayed, annoying Christmas songs to get you in the holiday mood. And yes, Destiny's Child is on the list (so are James Brown and Barry Manilow, but we didn't think you'd want to see pictures of them).
Pop Culture Nugget
We've actually got three today. First, Jamie-Lynn Spears will reportedly be paid $1 million by OK Magazine for a photo shoot when her child is born. Second, someone needs to tell Christina Aguilera that nobody wants to see her pregnant and half-naked as she is in this picture. Lastly, Eminem lied about his rough upbringing -- at least according to his mother.
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
OK, make it four. We loved this picture of a topless Simon Cowell vacationing in Barbados with a ladyfriend who seems way too hot for him. Oh wait, he earns $35 million a year for American Idol. Now it makes sense.
Today in Hot Clicks
NFL QB wives Hall of Fame ... Wrestling stereotypes ... Cheerleader Pro Bowl snubs ... God looks for new QB.
Odds and Ends
Bowl season kicks off tonight -- and we have a Poinsettia Bowl drinking game just for you ... Nevada had sold only 95 of its 6,000 allotted tickets to Saturday's New Mexico Bowl ... The NCAA really doesn't like bloggers ... For those who've never done it (or just stink at it), here's the correct way to wrap a holiday gift.
Videos of the Day
The Michigan Steals Coaches Song

We'll say it again -- nobody does college sports song parodies like Ryan Parker.

The Hamilton College Streaking Team

We've spent the past two weeks showing you various videos of half-naked college students, but here are the real pros -- the Hamilton College Streaking Team.

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