December 21, 2007
The Links
Not Another One!!

Which of the American Pie girls is your favorite? :: AP
Believe it or not, another addition to the American Pie franchise -- Beta House -- is set to be released (straight to DVD, of course) on Dec. 26. This will be the fifth edition of the A.P. franchise, and much like Revenge of the Nerds, it gets worse with each effort. But it does bring up the decade-old debate: Which American Pie girl is the hottest -- Tara Reid, Shannon Elizabeth or Mena Suvari?
Getting Even With R-Rod
We're not quite sure about the logic on this one, but a West Virginia fan is so enraged with Rich Rodriguez that he decided to call an audible on his plans to shave his beard and send it to R-Rod, instead opting to sell it on eBay. So if you want the disgusting facial hair of a disgruntled WVU fan, you know where to find it.
2007 Media Awards
From the best announcing team (Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson) to the best rant (Mike Gundy, of course),'s Richard Deitsch honors the all-stars of sports media.
Best Hoops Team of the Past Decade
Duke may have suffered its first defeat of the season last night -- a tough overtime loss to Pitt, but things aren't all bad in Durham. The team has the highest winning percentage of any school over the past decade.
For the Ladies
Now that bowl season is underway, we recommend you take a look at our girlfriend's guide to bowl season. And if you really want to be on top of things, our friends at UWire provide some discussion points to make it sound like you know what's going on.
The Toast of Tempe

Meet SIOC's favorite Sun Devil -- Lauren Thompson. :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography
Since we've seen the profile of yesterday's Cheerleader of the Week -- Arizona State's Lauren Thompson -- on no less than seven blogs this morning, we thought she was worthy of a second look.
Join the Hot Clicks Bowl Pool
Our good friend and Hot Clicks guru -- Jimmy Traina -- is putting together a Hot Clicks college football bowl pool. There are some rules involved we don't feel like listing, so check out today's Hot Clicks for all the info.
Mangino Going Nowhere
When we first heard Kansas coach Mark Mangino was heading to West Virginia, we thought it was a joke. Our instincts proved correct, but we still feel bad for Lawrence Journal-World reporter Ryan Wood, the victim of the hoax.
Pop Culture Nugget
Jamie Pressley is one hot mama.
Today in Hot Clicks
Join the Hot Clicks College Football Bowl Pool ... Bowl's top flaw ... Biggest liars in sports ... Papelbon's age-old excuse.
Odds and Ends
Would anyone object to Gus Johnson taking over Dick Vitale's spot as the voice of college hoops ... With New Years Eve around the corner, here something for the men: top 10 ways to approach women ... Santa Claus is getting beat up a lot this holiday season.
Videos of the Day
The Beatles Meet Zeppelin

Several people have forwarded us this link to an odd Beatles-esque version of Stairway to Heaven.

Happy Birthday JoePa

In honor of Coach Paterno's 82nd birthday, we thought we'd show you how the old man can still take a hit.

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