May 19, 2008
The Links
Buckeyes Lay Off the Sauce?

Could these fans really be sober and dressed like this? :: AP
Can we get a recount, here? According to a recent report, "The majority of OSU students consume alcohol one time a week or less often, drinking from zero to six drinks on each occasion." Maybe it's just us, but that just sounds a little off. Actually, a lot off.
Battle of the Commencement Speakers
Bush or Star Jones? Rambo, or Bill Nye "The Science Guy?" Hey, not every school can have A-list speakers at graduation. Who would be your top pick?
Two Advil, Some Coffee and More Sleep
It's OK. We all know what you did last night and, now, thanks to some concerned friends, your (probable every-day) hangover ailments may find relief. The New Yorker offered its advice, with some history on drunken stupors. Take note.
Busting with Pride
Cal-State Long Beach ought to be extremely proud of its latest accomplishment. In the school's 58-year history, CSULB posted its highest graduation rate ever: 52 percent. Oh, and that figure also takes into consideration those that graduated within six years. Wow. Don't set the bar too high.
Arthur on the Hotseat

Mr. Double-Zero for the Jayhawks is accused of fudging his high-school transcript. :: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
Scoot over O.J. Mayo. The latest alleged cheater in college sports may be Kansas' big-man Darrell Arthur. The 6-foot-9 Jayhawk reportedly failed a high-school math course, but his transcript was miraculously changed to show he passed. Oops.
Devils on the Prowl's Kevin Armstrong wrote about Duke lax player Zack Greer and his uncanny ability to score -- better than anyone else in the NCAA. Perhaps you noticed that ability this weekend. A career-high six goals and five assists to push his all-time goal tally to 205, as well his team to the national semifinals against powerhouse Johns Hopkins. Yeah, maybe he's good.
Going Pot-Luck
No roommate lined up for next year? No problem. This guy needs a roommate and, unfortunately for you, "Chill Bone" is very lonely and looking for that special someone.
Modern Art
Why spend thousands on the classics when you can have your very own watermelon carved into a psycho Mr. Potato Head??
Pop Culture Nugget
Tyrese, a.k.a. "Baby Boy," may get his shot at another major role. He could be following the footsteps of ... you guessed it: Mr. T.
Today in Hot Clicks
The curse of the celebrity girlfriend ... Seinfeld flop ... Driver makes big mistake ... Mayweather in trouble ... Thong wasn't Giambi's only revelation ... Canada's best.
Odds and Ends
American short-distance runner Allyson Felix received her college degree ... For those interested in playing D-III lacrosse, getting caught vandalizing property won't help your cause ... Wesleyan University students went a bit overboard for their end-of-year block party
Videos of the Day
Failing is for Winners

Taking exams is one thing, but actually studying enough to pass them is simply overrated. And unnecessary.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor
Preakness Gone Wild

So it looks like mint juleps and gaudy hats have been replaced by Bud Light and port-a-potties. Excellent.

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