June 06, 2008
The Links
Looking for a Job?

Was Julianne Hough a dance major? :: AP
It's graduation time, and instead of providing reassurance that you'll find a great job with a fat salary, we're linking to Holy Taco's list of the 10 most useless college majors once you're in the real world. But if you're a dancer, don't worry, these women still did all right.
More Sexy Softball Women
The Women's College World Series may be over, but lists of the hottest softball players keep on coming. Today, COED chimes in, and our girl Taryne Mowatt is right on top.
Conspiracy Theory of the Day
Bruins Nation has a theory: Maybe all the O.J. Mayo coverage is just a calculated ploy by Mayo's people to land him an endorsement deal with a shoe company ... or a credit card company.
Dumb Arrest of the Day
What happened to being true to your school? MMA prospect Eric Bradley, a former two-time All-America wrestler at Penn State, and a friend were arrested for burglarizing a Penn State frat.
Eye of the Tiger

Nobody loves their school like LSU fans. :: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
If your trailer isn't covered with paintings of a prowling tiger, Les Miles' face and the glistening AFCA crystal trophy, your LSU fandom probably doesn't hold a candle to this guy's.
Good Luck Affording Gas
These two Iowa grads are spending the summer driving across country, and blogging about it. Gas prices might be steep, but at least they don't have to worry about what to wear to the office.
Great CWS Signs
Check out the one on the far right.
Pop Culture Nugget
A "moving mole" could be R. Kelly's ticket to freedom.
Today in Hot Clicks
10 Athletes To Keep Your Girl Away From ... Another day, another Erin Andrews item ... Bad news for Big Brown ... Cool trading cards ... Video: Kobe, KG do 'Batman ... Car salesman.
Odds and Ends
Oregon State apologizes after 60-plus years ... Only three players from this season's Indiana hoops team remain ... What would an early SEC signing period mean for everyone else? ... "Show and Blow" continues in Madison.
Videos of the Day
Top 10 College Football Fight Songs

There seems to be quite a strong correlation between having a good football team and having a good fight song.

Climb a building, Go to Jail

Not one, but two men scaled the side of the New York Times building yesterday. This guy was the first.

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