December 22, 2007
Videos of the Year

Fernanda Motta :: J.R. Duran/SI
Hard to believe it's already December. A mere four months ago, Mike Gundy was a no name, Notre Dame was undefeated and Britney was the dark horse of the Spears family. But the times have changed, so before we head into 2008, SIOC gives you one last look at the top videos of 2007. We'll start with something we've never had here before -- a slew of videos featuring SI's Swimsuit models.
Boogie Down in Baton Rouge

We want LSU to win the national championship, just so we can see this elderly Tiger fan's celebration dance again.

Speaking of Great Dancers

This Florida fan frightens us a number of levels.

Not a Great Year for Notre Dame

Among the positives of the Fighting Irish's 2-10 campaign was the emergence of freshman QB Jimmy Clausen as a Heisman candidate.

Year of Souljah Boy

There's roughly 2,350 Crank Dat videos on YouTube, but the first one we saw -- the Texas Longhorns dancing on the sideline against UCF -- remains our favorite.

Teach Them While They're Young

The parents of this UGA fan have clearly trained their son well.

Kansas State Meets 1989

If this promotional video doesn't get Wildcat fans pumped for action, nothing will.

The Aggie Rap

Not only a great rap, but the video has a fantastic cheesy early '90s vibe.

Video of the Year

Four words: Don't tase me bro.

Video of the Year (part 2)
This made Mike Gundy a legend.

The Beatles Meet Zeppelin

This has nothing to do with sports, but it's still facinating: a Beatles-esque version of Stairway to Heaven.

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