April 16, 2008
The Links
The 10 Best-Looking Michigan Girls

Lucy Liu is our favorite Michigan graduate. :: Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Inspired by PopCrunch's rankings of schools with the hottest girls, College OTR went on a quest to find the best looking coed at Michigan and has narrowed the field to 10. SIOC held its own one-man contest to find the best-looking Michigan alumni and our winner is Lucy Liu.
Bo Pelini vs. Daily Nebraskan
Nebraska's new head football coach Bo Pelini had his control-freak meter on high yesterday when he called the office of Daily Nebraskan to berate a student reporter who questioned the coach's handling of players who run afoul of the law. He also demanded the paper print a retraction for the story, which to its credit, the paper refused to do.
Roy Williams Finally Leaves the Bathroom
OK, his picture has left the bathroom. More specifically, a large sketch of Williams that was hanging in the men's room of a popular Kansas barbershop was finally brought back to the front with the rest of the pictures of famous KU athletes. It had been facing a urinal since Williams left for UNC in 2003.
Paperclip Art
Do you have too much time on your hands? Do you have a large supply of paper clips? If you answered yes to both questions, you can be a paperclip artist, but probably not as talented as this person.
Marino Comes Home

Dan Marino will speak at Pitt. :: Manny Milan/SI
The University of Pittsburgh will welcome back its finest alumnus, Dan Marino, to speak at this year's commencement. Let's hope he doesn't lose his sh*t as he does in this video.
SIOC's Video Game Update
Just when we thought it could get no better than Wii's virtual urination game comes news that a game is in the works on ... pole dancing!
Top 10 Shirts To Get Arrested In
It's never a good idea to have an "I love midget porn" T-shirt on while posing for a mug shot.
Pop Culture Nugget
If you missed last night's Country Music Awards, Snoop Dogg stole the show.
Today in Hot Clicks
Celeb First Pitches: The good, the bad and the ugly ... History of Cubs injuries ... More disgusting fans ... LeBron loves to look good ... Politician loves Ric Flair.
Odds and Ends
The entire UCLA football team ditched out on practice yesterday ... Purdue is sticking up for its students in the battle for free music downloads ... Jim Tressel thinks 52,000 will attend an Ohio State lacrosse game at the Horseshoe ... The University of Rhode Island cut its field hockey, men's tennis and men's swimming programs.
Videos of the Day
The Talking Goat

We think this is real.

Cat Plays Theremin

To continue today's animal theme, here's a musical cat.

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