October 01, 2007
The Links
Good Dawgs

Georgia fans were on their best behavior during Saturday's game against Ole Miss. :: Jamie Squire/Getty Images;
It was a good weekend to be a Dawg. Georgia easily disposed of Ole Miss, 45-17, and, much to the delight of school president Michael Adams, the fans in Athens didn't throw litter at their opponents.
Nutt Saved from Banner
Remember that anti-Houston Nutt airplane banner Arkansas fans were planning on flying over Saturday's game against North Texas? It never happened because "it ripped in half while en route from Missouri." Probably not a bad thing considering the Razorbacks won 66-7.
Forever a Gator
After 11 straight wins, Florida finally lost a game ... and had to deal with the taunting of the freshman kicker who beat them (twice). On the flip side, at least the school's biggest fans can have their cremated remains sprinkled on Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.
For the Ladies
In one year, Wheaton College's Geoff Burns went from anonymous business major to one of the top male models in the world ... all because his roommate sent his photos to Seventeen Magazine.
Carolina Trouble

Did Sean May and Raymond Felton get UNC in hot water with the NCAA? :: Peyton Williams/Icon SMI
Is North Carolina's basketball program in hot water with the NCAA over possible recruiting violations? And what do Raymond Felton, Sean May and Marvin Williams have to do with it?
Pig in a Poke
We don't even have a joke for this poor Baylor student who went out last Tuesday night, came home at 2:30 a.m. and found a dead pig lying on her doorstep. Oh yeah, this dead pig thing happened to a couple other Baylor students.
Facebook Group of the Day
You can try, but You Can't Censor the LSU Student Section, even if their chants are not quite rated PG.
Today in Hot Clicks
Pictorial history of cheerleaders in the NFL ... Top 15 football catches ever ... Jets fan sues Bill Belichick for spy-gate ... Papelbon's celebration dance.
Videos of the Day
Thick Ones, Georgie
Erin Andrews attempts to interview some West Virginia fans -- a task easier said than done.
Still Love Saban?
After five weeks and a decent (but not spectacular) 3-2 record, we wonder if this Alabama fan is still so gung ho over Nick Saban.
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