May 23, 2008
The Links
Dress a Student Section

Can one of these girls design UF's official student section T-shirt? :: Bill Frakes/SI
Are you a current Gator student with some artistic talent? If so, we suggest you design this year's official student section T-shirt. Frankly though, we don't think anything could beat the T-shirt on the above photo honoring former coach Steve Spurrier.
Attention College Golf Fans
The women's NCAA golf championship is in full swing at the University of New Mexico's Championship Course. If you're still looking for a dog in this race, Busted Coverage suggests UCLA sophomore Sydnee Michaels, who should be turning the heads of males on the course all weekend long.
The Downside of Pie Tossing
We thought it was kinda funny that a Brown student tossed a pie into the face of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman during a lecture last month. The school, however, didn't agree and suspended the student for the upcoming fall semester.
Move over Mr. Tebow
Tim Tebow may be the defending Heisman Trophy winner and the apple of many Gainesville women's eye, but he's no longer the top athlete at UF.
The Ultimate Video

Dan got his Ultimate on in Boulder last weekend :: Courtesy of Dan Rubenstein
Whether you're a fan of Ultimate or not, we suggest checking out this video of Dan Rubenstein, the SI Tour Guy, at the Ultimate Championships in Boulder last weekend.
Notre Dame's Top-Salaried Employees
In looking over this list of salaries for Notre Dame employees, we couldn't help but notice that a certain ex-Fighting Irish coach earned more than the current crew cut model. Every Day Should be Saturday provides an explanation.
Great Rack
Congratulations to Wisconsin senior Danielle McIntosh, whose hula hoop rack invention earned her a cool $5,700 in prize money at the College of Engineering's Innovation Day.
Photo That We Don't Have a Joke For
Seriously, this one left us speechless.
Strange Moments in TV
These images speak for themselves. Trust us.
Pop Culture Nugget
A worker at the Starbucks the Olson twins frequently visit intentionally gave them whole milk instead of the requested skim milk in an attempt to fatten them up.
Today in Hot Clicks
Lord Stanley and lovely ladies ... BobbleFOOT Day ... Athletes on SNL ... Worst sports fashion trends ... The scoop on Country Roads ... Best album covers.
Odds and Ends
Another member of the FSU football team is facing firearm charges ... An Oregon State frat finally had its trophy returned -- 50 years after it was stolen by an Oregon student ... Should Central Florida join the Big East for football? ... We're definitely adding this book on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to our summer reading list ... If college football had the same advertising agency as the NBA, we'd probably see some of these commercials ... Cris Carter does not like blogger.
Videos of the Day
CSI Gainesville

If you're wondering how Florida's Jamar Hornsby got his hand on a dead woman's credit card, this should answer all your questions.

The USC Band Does American Idol

You're gonna hate us for putting this song in your head for the rest of the day.

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