November 04, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
A New Campaign Arena
Pete Carroll would make a pretty good BCS campaign ad, but we're not so sure about Phil Fulmer. :: Getty Images

It's Election Day, kids, and everyone's in a political mood. Blogger Sako, for one, found inspiration in all the ads and slogans and stump speeches inundating our lives and started thinking what it would be like if college coaches could campaign for BCS selection. Poor Phil Fulmer -- While Pete Carroll's ad could focus on USC's myriad of celebrity connections, Fulmer's would only say, "I need to withdraw from this election."

You Just Pulled a Buffalo

These are words no basketball fan wants to hear: "Your team's the Buffalo Bills of basketball." But, alas, those are the words Storming the Floor just threw UCLA's way, because try though they may to bring home the hardware, the Bruins keep tantalizing their fans with Final Four appearances and then pulling a Buffalo when it counts.

A Reverse Hook 'Em

It had to be pretty rough for Texas fans to watch their No. 1 team lose to an in-state and divisional rival on national TV, to watch Colt McCoy fall behind Graham Harrell in the Heisman rankings and to watch Red Raiders fans and cheerleaders get all the post-game play in the blogsphere. But it had to be even rougher for the sole Longhorn fan who had to sing Texas Tech's fight song and post it on YouTube to honor a bet. Talk about hookin' 'em while they're down.

We Spot a Crabtree Fan
Chris Fowler seemed to enjoy Michael Crabtree's game-winning grab. :: Getty Images

While the aforementioned Texas fan mourned his team's loss and prepared to shame himself on computer screens everywhere, ESPN's Chris Fowler was busy watching Michael Crabtree's game-winning catch-and-run, pumping his first and dropping his jaw in appreciative awe.

Your Parent Sucks

USC fans would do well to remember without their parents shelling out the dough, they probably wouldn't be able to sit next to Romeo in history class. So let's shake our heads at that kid with the "Your Parent Sucks" body paint and hear it for the drunk grandma and all the other colorful family members who showed up to USC's parents weekend.

For (What Used to be) Love of the Irish

There's something undeniably more powerful about a post on the top five reasons Notre Dame football sucks when it's written by a self-proclaimed, previously brainwashed, ex-Irish fan. So if some of your Irish loyalists are looking for answers, turn to someone you once called your brother and listen to him rag on NBC, Jimmy Clausen and rich, powerful alumni.

Mad Man on the Move?

Kornheiser's Cartel has a simple message for Mike "The Mad Scientist" Leach: You'd be crazy to leave Lubbock to seek the crystal ball elsewhere. Ty Willingham and Bob Stoops both know this (though for very different reasons).

The Human Sewage Plant

There are a million things that can make a plane ride more annoying than it inherently is, and you can trace most of those annoying things back to annoying people. We'd like to thank That's So Fetch and its list of the top 10 most annoying people on airplanes for stating one simple truth: There actually is something worse than sitting next to a kicking and screaming baby for hours on end, and that's sitting next to someone who smells.

Pop Culture Nugget

Eva Longoria's got Nick Saban's back.

Today In Hot Clicks
Elisabetta Gregoraci :: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Hottest NASCAR, Formula 1 WAGs ... Ways sports fans cheat ... Must-see NFL plays ... Election Day perks ... Arenas gives back ... Video: Play of the Year ... Klum ... Bloopers.

Odds and Ends

Find out which candidate your student paper endorsed ... Maryland quarterbacks Chris Turner and Jordan Steffy are first-rate political debaters ... AP voters believe in Cal, and have thus screwed the Golden Bears' chances ... Scott Wolf's cheerleader series continues.

A Coach Who Looks Like Vince Gill

Say what you want about Mike Leach. At the end of the day, Ryan Parker Songs knows "He's the spitting image offfff / That guy who sings of life and lovvvve."

Sweet Home Alabama

This 'Bama fan wants to give a shout-out to the BDU (Beer Drinkers United) and to his top-ranked 'Bama boys. (Warning: Crude language is involved)

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