November 14, 2011
No Fun League Strikes Again

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After catching a touchdown pass from that gunslinger, Tim Tebow, Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker paid tribute to the troops on Veteran's Day weekend with the move above. He was then flagged for an excessive celebration penalty. Decker expressed his disappointment afterward on Twitter.
He's Baaaaaaack
Hot Clicks' favorite Spanish-language NFL announcer, Gabriel Trujillo, who calls Cardinals game on the radio, was in rare form yesterday, calling these two big plays for Arizona during its upset in Philadelphia. (Thanks to Kush Muzumdar, of Houston, for the link.)
NFL Roundup
Last Thursday, Hot Clicks told you about Bills wide receiver David Nelson dating Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich. Here's what Nelson did yesterday after scoring a touchdown in front of his lady. ... Chiefs wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin had the catch of the day, even though it didn't count thanks to an offensive penalty. ... It's not often you see Ray Lewis look human on the field, but Marshawn Lynch did a number on the Ravens linebacker.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Catrinel Menghia :: SI
Model Catrinel Menghia, who was part of SI's 2011 model search, seems to be doing well for herself.
College Football Roundup
I'm not sure you'll see a kicker miss a field goal by bigger margain than Stanford's Eric Whitaker. ... Iowa's Marvin McNutt had a nifty one-handed grab but ... the catch of the day AND the punt return of the day both game from Arkansas in its win over Tennessee. ... The photo of the weekend features an upside-down referee from the Miami-Florida State game. ...
Hockey Wedding
If you want to read about (and watch) the story of a couple from Vancouver who got married at center ice, click here. (Thanks to Ryan Brandt, of Rochester, N.Y., for the link.)
Sports Video Of The Day
Via comes this very angry Eagles fan.

Music Video Of The Day
Here's a pretty cool clip of Michael J. Fox re-enacting this scene from Back to the Future at a charity event over the weekend.

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