December 11, 2008
Tale of the Tape
Extra Mustard's Paul Tinelli looks at two filthy rich people who struggle with their weight.
CC Sabathia
$161 million over seven years $275 million in 2008
Current Weight
290 pounds 200 pounds
2007 AL Cy Young 17 Emmys
Embarrassed By
His postseason ERA (7.92) Tom Cruise jumping on her couch
Overbearing Associate
Hank Steinbrenner Dr. Phil
Want him on their team Will do anything she tells them to do
Enjoys the Benefits of Their Success
His agent, Greg Genske Steadman Graham
Most Impressive Feat
Going 11-2 for the Brewers down the stretch in 2008 Getting Americans to read
In 2008, made sure to take care of
Indians fans Barack Obama
Mike Cameron
Gayle King
Mike Cameron Gayle King

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