June 27, 2007
1 Thierry Henry

The last picture of the French striker holding an Arsenal jersey before he joined Barcelona came during an odd press conference with Gisele Bundchen last week. Considering you can't really top a meeting with Bundchen, Henry probably thought there was no better time to bolt the Gunners.

2 Shaquille O'Neal

The Diesel takes on childhood obesity with the same aggression as Kobe Bryant driving the lane for a lay-up. In his new show, Shaq's Big Challenge, the Miami Heat center takes six overweight kids from Broward County middle schools and attempts to get him into the playing shape Lakers coaches were never able to do.

3 Nick Young

The former USC Trojan and future NBA Lottery pick stars in Second Chance Season, a documentary about his senior year at Grover Cleveland High. The movie chronicles his tragic childhood which saw his older brother get shot and killed by a gang in L.A. and his other brother committed to a mental institution soon after the senseless murder.

4 Kobe Bryant

We haven't heard from the Lakers' diva since his national radio tour, but apparently he still wants to leave Los Angeles even if the Lakers some how wrangle Kevin Garnett from Minnesota. So, it's not about winning, he just doesn't want to win with the Lakers anymore.

5 Bon Jovi

The owner of the Philadelphia Soul took his band country for his new album, Lost Highway, and it paid off as Bon Jovi hit the No. 1 spot on the U.S. album charts this week. It's the first time the band has hit the top spot since their New Jersey album in 1988.

6 Tom Sizemore

The actor, who played the forgettable role of Pete Rose in the even more forgettable Hustle, was sentenced to 16 months in prison for violating his probation on a drug conviction. In true L.A. fashion, however, he was given 213 days credit one day into his sentence for time previously spent in jail.

7 Jessica Biel

The hottest Jessica in Hollywood these days (sorry Alba, Simpson, etc.) steams up the cover of GQ on what must have been an usually cold day on the Santa Monica beaches.

8 Paris Hilton

After serving her 23 days in the clink for a traffic violation, the Hotel Heiress did what any free debutant would. She ran for the border, um, Taco Bell, that is.

9 Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice is certainly living up to her name when it comes to her new L.A. home. She has designed a $500,000 closest for herself that includes a leather floor, a crystal chandelier and a computer that tracks when she wears different outfits.

10 Pearl

The adorable daughter of Will Ferrel's frequent collaborator Adam McKay, stole all our hearts as "The Landlord" and has sadly retired after an equally hilarious skit, "Good Cop, Baby Cop."

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