May 21, 2007
1 Michael Vick

Even in the Cayman Islands, the much-maligned Falcons quarterback can't get any love. While in Grand Cayman for the NFL Quarterback Challenge last weekend, he was greeting by barking fans and chants of "Who let the dogs out?"

2 Jordin Sparks

The daughter of former Giants cornerback Phillippi Sparks is the odds on favorite to be the next American Idol this week. The show's best singer, Melinda Dolittle, was eliminated.

3 Victoria Beckham

After landing in Los Angeles last week, Mrs. David Beckham has been spotted around town, shopping at Kitson, taking in a movie at the Arclight and unfortunately covering up her chest from the paparazzi, who snapped shots of her in a see-through top last month.

4 Tony Parker

So apparently Eva Longoria was joking about Parker's celibacy during the playoffs. Just as well, since it looks like he and the Spurs are going to be playing through June.

5 Andy Roddick

The tennis star graces the cover of Men's Fitness this month sporting his two tickets to the gun show, but some skeptics are crediting his bulging biceps to Photoshop rather than protein shakes.

6 Laila Ali/Apolo Anton Ohno

Muhammad Ali's daughter (and the fiancé of ex-Bears WR Curtis Conway) squares off against the two-time Olympic gold medal speed skater in the finals of Dancing with the Stars this week. Why do we get the feeling that Joey Fatone is going to ruin everything by knocking out both athletes?

7 O.J. Simpson

A sports memorabilia dealer is selling the suite Simpson wore when he was acquitted of murder for $25,000. No word on how much it will cost the buyer to get his/her dignity back.

8 Sylvester Stallone

Stallone was convicted and fined for bringing banned muscle building drugs into Australia earlier this year. We weren't aware he was preparing to do a baseball flick.

9 Paris Hilton

Despite her impending prison sentence, the hotel heiress is still scheduled to do satellite media interviews to publicize the new season of Simple Life next month while she's in the slammer. I guess if she's going to suffer she's going to make the rest of America suffer right along with her.

10 Jordan

The buxom British star is trying her luck at fame stateside, starring in a new reality show with her husband Peter Andre, aptly called Katie & Peter. Thankfully the star is neither Jordan nor Peter but Jordan's foul-mouth son Harvey, who takes after his soccer-playing father Dwight Yorke and curses up a storm.

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