June 04, 2007
1 Phillip Wellman

To call the Mississippi Braves' managers' actions after he was ejected a "meltdown" wouldn't be doing it justice. It was a one-man performance worthy of a Broadway curtain call. Wellman's show had a little bit of everything: he threw his hat down, piled dirt on home plate and outlined it with his finger and pulled out third base and tossed it into the outfield. For his grand finale he crawled through the infield to the mound and grabbed the pitcher's resin bag pretended to bite off the top and tossed it at the home-plate umpire as if it were a grenade. Did someone say encore?

2 Alex Rodriguez

Labeled a cheat on the field and off the field, A-Rod can't seem to catch a break this week. Toronto Blue Jays players called him "bush league" after he yelled "mine" during a routine pop-up which distracted Howie Clark, casuing him to drop the ball, and the New York Post dubbed him "Stray Rod" after he was pictured around Toronto with a buxom blonde who isn't his wife. He is no doubt hoping that whatever happens in Canada, stays in Canada.

3 Tony Romo

He was a sympathetic judge during the Miss Universe pageant when Miss USA slipped on stage saying, "I can definitely understand when someone on a national stage doesn't do exactly what they wanted." The Cowboys quarterback also seems to be playing the field off the gridiron. Despite being frequently spotted with Carrie Underwood he reportedly invited Jessica Simpson to Dallas.

4 Carlos Zambrano

Unable to strike out any batters, the Cubs' frustrated pitcher attempted to knock out one of his own teammates. He started a fight with catcher Michael Barrett in the dugout that continued into the clubhouse and left the catcher needing six stitches at a hospital. Cubs skipper Lou Piniella did his best to defuse the situation by kicking dirt onto an umpire the next day and getting suspended indefinitely.

5 Victoria Beckham

The former Posh Spice has reportedly pulled the plug on her reality TV show, which was to focus on the Beckhams adjustment to moving to the U.S. and living in Los Angeles. Considering David Beckham's recent rise to prominence on the English national team and the international soccer scene, he probably wishes he could pull the plug on his arrival to the MLS as well.

6 Eric Mangini

The Jets' coach guest starred on the penultimate episode of The Sopranos, making a brief appearance at an Italian restaurant. As most Sopranos fans will tell you, only a Super Bowl win might be as gratifying as that moment for the Italian-American coach.

7 Johnnie Morton

It only took 38 seconds for the former NFL receiver to get knocked out by a 35-year-old comedian and television personality in Japan during his MMA debut on Saturday but that was only the beginning of his embarrassment. He later refused to take a post-fight drug test, causing the California State Athletic Commission to suspend him indefinitely and withhold his fight purse.

8 Kobe Bryant

It was quite the bi-polar week for the Lakers' polarizing superstar. Bryant went on a mini radio junket where his emotions during a 24-hour period ranged from disgruntled leader demanding to be traded to understanding captain looking to improve the team. Depending on how the sun is aligned with the moon at the moment, Bryant might still be looking for a change of a address. Or Not. Who knows?

9 Snoop Dogg

He skipped out on the MTV Movie Awards to help host Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Sports Spectacular where he presented an award to Anna Kournikova. "I'm a sports fan," said Snoop, who's been a fixture at Stanley Cup games in Anaheim. "I wouldn't miss this for anything else."

10 Paris Hilton

The Socialite partied like a rock star right up until the moment she turned herself in to Sheriff's authorities Sunday night. Good luck Paris, we'll see you when you come out in 23 days.

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