February 26, 2010
In Addition To Filling Out Your Bracket...

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I have no idea what the hell the above photo even means, but I needed something related to vasectomies for this item. (On a side note, I'm scarred for life after doing a Google Images search for "vasectomies.") Anyway, it's that time of year when urologists want to remind you that if you'd like to get snipped, three days before March Madness begins is the perfect time. And if you're in Chicago, one doctor is teaming up with a pizza place so you can get a free pie if you get your procedure done during the tournament.
Hilarious Hoopsters
Comedy.com is looking at the 10 funniest NBA players.
Different Kind Of Hoopsters
ASternWarning.com is looking at the players who would make up the NBA's version of a boy band.
This Is How You Make A Viral Ad
Jessie James :: Michael Bezjian/Getty Images
Pat, of Syracuse, N.Y., says, "Jimmy, the AHL had their first outdoor game last weekend in Syracuse where the lovely and talented Jessie James came to town to bless Upstate New York with a rendition of the national anthem. Jessie has also recently done a spread in Maxim, so why not make her the Lovely Lady of the Day?" I think that is a fine idea, and after seeing the gallery, I'm now a country music fan.
The Force Is With Them
With Ole Miss possibly adopting Admiral Akbar as a mascot, ChadGibbs.com looks at the SEC as Star Wars characters.
Eye-Opening Exercises
Thanks to the naked Chuck Liddell-and-girlfriend workout video that was linked up in Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks, Guyism.com has compiled the 10 strangest workout videos on the 'Net.
Sports Video Of The Day
This errant pass by Brian Scalabrine took place last Friday, but it's still worth checking out.

Look Where You're Going Video Of The Day
That's a rough way to start the work day.

Music Video Of The Day
The full Shakira-Rafael Nadal video has been released.

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