October 30, 2009
Tale of the Tape
SI.com's Nicki Jhabvala sizes up two athletes who love them some book-writing.
Chad Ochocinco
Andre Agassi
Latest Endeavor
Ocho Cinco: What Football and Life Have Thrown My Way. Already out and awaiting your purchase on Amazon. Open, his autobiography, which hits stores in November.
Admitted ...
If he didn't play football, he'd have done what he had to ... including selling drugs. He used meth.
Esteban The Punisher
Meeting with Dave
They found an "ocho in his cinco." Say hello to "the hunkiest tennis player ever" with a mullet.
Pro-Bowl wide receiver ... with 326,000 Twitter followers and counting.. Golden Grand Slam ... and Steffi Graf.
Admission Few Have Picked Up On ...
During a bye week, he hung out with Lil' Wayne. That could be a problem nowadays. The hair was fake! It was a wig! A faux-mullet. A fullet!
Favorite Quote
Take your pick. (Warning: Profanity included.) "Image is Everything."
Looks/Looked Like ...
DMX Garth

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