March 05, 2010
Ochocinco Opens Up
Chad Ochocinco :: Michael J. LeBrecht II/SI

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I spoke to Chad Ochocinco this afternoon about a variety of topics, including the nude video of him that hit YouTube this week, Dancing With the Stars, his ultimate touchdown celebration, why he won't change his last name and much more. Check out the interview.
If You Don't Have Xbox, Get Xbox
Tecmo Bowl is coming to Xbox 360.
Oscars + Sports
The SportsPickle honors the 10 worst sports movies of all time. ... transforms some movie posters to reflect the college basketball landscape. ... lists the top 30 best picture Oscar winners every guy should watch.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Halle Berry :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Since Ochocinco was kind enough to chat with me, I gave him the honor of picking today's Lovely Lady of the Day. He went with Halle Berry (and who can blame him?).
Who wants a Dick Vitale Fathead?
Testy, Testy
Coach-reporter fights are always amusing, as proved by this battle involving Utah men's basketball coach Jim Boylen.
Mash-Up Video Of The Day
Twenty-nine Oscar speeches in two minutes makes for the best speech ever.

Dumb Idea Video Of The Day
It's shocking that this didn't turn out well.

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