July 10, 2012
The Power Of The Blogosphere
Chargers fans :: Rob Tringali/Sportschrome/Getty Images

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How about an amusing football story in the middle of July? Arrowhead Addict is a Chiefs blog that has been linked in Hot Clicks many times. The man who runs the site was recently solicited by the Chargers to buy tickets for several Kansas City fans for the Chiefs-Chargers game in San Diego this November. Obviously, Arrowhead Addict blogged about it, thus causing a stir with San Diego fans and Chargers owner Alex Spanos.
Publicity Hound
This Tom Brady fella is everywhere these days. First, he's making Funny or Die videos. Then, he's talking to Hot Clicks. Now, he's making more funny videos while promoting a candy bar. (Thanks to Josh Blue, of Boston, for the link.)
Genius? Gross? Both?
A rugby player is accused of urinating in his pants before a recent game to scare off would-be tacklers on the opposing team.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Nazanin Mandi :: Courtesy CreativeSmilesPhotography.com
Model/actress Nazanin Mandi gets today's LLOD honors.
During a recent Mets-Phillies game, Phillies radio announcer Scott Franzke got caught going off on New York outfielder Scott Hairston (F-bombs and all) while the game was supposed to be in commercial.
Local News Video Of The Day
A couple of drunk girls + desire for rare potato chips = local news at its finest. (Thanks to Ryan Hoffman, of Yorkton, Canada, for the video.)

Music Video Of The Day
I know you guys made it clear that you don't want to see Call Me Maybe in Hot Clicks, but tons of people have sent me this version titled Share Me Maybe, by the Cookie Monster

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