By Brant James
October 05, 2010
NASCAR Power Rankings

Robby Gordon was so angered after being spun by Greg Biffle in the first Chase for the Championship race in 2004 that he vowed revenged over his radio for all to hear. He enacted his retribution quickly, wiping out not only Biffle, but fellow championship hopefuls Tony Stewart and Jeremy Mayfield just 64 laps into the playoffs.The Chase as a platform for focused retaliation is therefore nothing new. David Reutimann's thumping of Kyle Busch's No. 18 Toyota at Kansas on Sunday -- revenge for deeds from earlier this season and in the race -- is nothing new or particularly revolutionary. Create an environment when payback is particularly damaging, and the aggrieved will exploit it. Here are eight drivers with a grudge and seven weeks to exorcise it. Have a comment? Send to You can also follow me on Twitter at

1 Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski
Seriously, he's not going to let the Carl Edwards saga end without a final flourish, is he? And what about that Denny Hamlin guy? Remember what he did to you at Homestead last year? Edwards' intentional wrecking of Keselowski at Atlanta was bad enough, but Hamlin had even announced his intention to bounce Keselowski in advance. With Hamlin second in points and Edwards fourth, there is no better time to even the slate. Or maybe he's just the bigger guy. Or maybe being on probation from an incident with Edwards at a Nationwide race will be a deterrent. Or maybe he'll focus on his other foil, Kyle Busch, the one he called an "ass" during driver introductions at Bristol. Keselowski could have a busy autumn.
2 David Reutimann
David Reutimann
The mild-mannered man from Zephyrhills, Fla., might just like the feel of getting all those suppressed emotions out. Granted, he looked as tortured as usual in a post race interview after walloping Busch at Kansas, but who's to say he feels completely better? If Busch isn't convinced by his Joe Gibbs Racing team members that his season is still viable -- he's in seventh place, 80 points out -- then he's likely to send a broadside back across Reutimann's No. 00 Toyota.
3 Joey Logano
Joey Logano
The 20-year-old had bloody rage in his boyish face after Kevin Harvick spun him heading from a top-5 finish with less than five laps at Pocono this summer. He confronted Harvick's crew on pit road -- bad idea -- took a verbal jab at Harvick's wife and business partner, Delana -- bad idea -- but seemed to let the incident rest. With Harvick third in points, running well and in contention for a first Sprint Cup title, revenge is becoming a ripe fruit if Logano chooses to pick it. The ensuing melee would resemble a re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings in fire suits, but it would certainly even the slate. And then some.
4 Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman
He is often chastised for stubbornly contesting every race position, although that would seemingly be a major part of his job description. The 2009 Chase qualifier has therefore had numerous mini-tussles and memorable near-incidents with scores of drivers this season in close-proximity battles. He just doesn't broadcast his grievances.
5 Robby Gordon
Robby Gordon
Scheduled to return this weekend at California Speedway, Gordon is a wild card, a free radical and already demonstrated his willingness to do what he needs, when he needs it. Chasers beware.
6 Elliott Sadler
Elliott Sadler
He is one of several to take exception to maneuvers by Jeff Gordon, whose hard-charging quest for a first victory this season has occasionally left sheet-spinning foes in his wake. One of the most crash-prone drivers in the series in 2010, Sadler might take out a flock of Chasers in the process of skewering Gordon.
7 Martin Truex Jr.
Martin Truex Jr.
Truex Jr. was incensed after being wrecked by Jeff Gordon at Sonoma this summer. Gordon apologized. Truex Jr. got quiet on the subject after swearing revenge. The tab remains open.
8 Juan Pablo Montoya
Juan Pablo Montoya
Gordon again. The four-time series champion has raised Montoya's ire several times this season as they seem to constantly tussle for the same real estate. After clanging into each other at the summer New Hampshire race, Montoya said of Gordon, "He has it coming one day." Days are running short.

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