June 27, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Go Gators
Britany Raymond :: Courtesy of Britany Raymond/Yeung Photography

A few weeks ago, we told you that Campus Clicks and SIOC guru, Andy Gray, was moving on from the world of colleges. But we want to let you know that you're in good hands with his replacement, Mallory Rubin, who is featuring Florida's Britany Raymond as this week's Cheerleader of the Week.

Pillow Talk

Brandon Inge's recent oblique injury -- suffered while adjusting a pillow -- has inspired Undrafted Free Agent to look back at the Top 10 Bizarre Baseball Injuries of All-Time.

Hockey Dissed Again

Sean Passingham of Albert Lea, Minn., sent us this amusing e-mail: "Talk about no respect! Gary Bettman is referred to as "Bill" three times in his biography at the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Web site. That's too funny!"

Shake, Shake, Shake
David Stern, O.J. Mayo :: Nick Laham/Getty Images

The captions on this next post from NextRound.net titled All-Time Awkward David Stern Draft Handshakes are pretty spectacular. (Warning: Link contains strong language.) Speaking of Mayo, NEPatriotsDraft.com has put together the NBA All-Food Team.

We Haven't Mentioned Erin Andrews All Week

So we'll do so now. Dave, of Boston, tells us that the New York Post is conducting a very important, newsworthy poll. They want us to vote for the "hottest news babe." In addition to Andrews, the nominees include the feisty Alycia Lane, CBS war correspondent Lara Logan, who's made some news recently and Melissa Stark. One last note on Andrews, Adam Scott, of Ottawa, e-mailed to let us know about these shirts, which you might want to get if the ESPN sideline reporter is coming to a college football stadium near you in the fall.

New Yorkers Aren't Shy

We flipped over to last night's draft just as Stephen A. Smith was interviewing Knicks first-round pick, Danilo Gallinari. Throughout the entire interview, the Madison Square Garden crowd was booing mercilessly. Unfortunately, we missed the reaction when the pick was first announced, but Brahsome.com has come through with the must-see video. Fan IQ has a great draft video, as well. Watch as Brook Lopez waits and waits and waits to get drafted.

All-Star No-Names

We had completely forgotten about Jose Rosado until we read JoeSportsFan's list of the Top No-Name MLB All Stars Since 1990.

Random Links

If you're in Portland, Maine, this weekend, you might want to check out the Third Annual Zombie Kickball games. ... Where's Ubaldo has compiled video of the best TD returns. ... The new sport of Baby Racing has really taken off. ... Cristiano Ronaldo is enjoying his offseason.

Self-Serving Link Of The Day

We were recently interviewed by SportsTechNow.com.

Looking On The Bright Side

We laughed just from the title of this WallStreetFighter.com post, but obviously it's worth checking out for other reasons: Eight Countries With Weak Pesos But Hot Women.

Today In Campus Clicks
Julianne Hough and Warren Sapp :: Charley Gallay/Getty Images, Icon SMI

Warren Sapp lands on Dancing With the Stars ... Who side-swiped Pete Carroll ... O.J. Mayo and his sneakers ... Cheap video games ... Video: The Fresno Skullet

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Sports Video Of The Day

Shaq isn't the only one busting on Kobe.

Movie Trailer Of The Day

This video, via www.visitorslockerroom.com, is so wrong, yet so funny -- and so well done. (Thanks to C.J. Sullivan, of Chicago, for sending us the link.)

Commercial Of The Day

Ryan, of Winston-Salem, N.C., e-mailed us to say that this is s real commercial airing in his home town.

Classic Video Of The Day

Howard Stern torments Richard Simmons on his old TV show.

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