March 29, 2012
Everybody's Getting Their Tickets
Mega Millions :: AP

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The only information I have about the photo above is that it was taken at a newsstand in New York. I loved the fact that the Mega Millions prize is not $500 million, but "$500 million's," so I had to post it. Meanwhile, you may have thought that athletes are millionaires who don't have to worry about money, but even they are getting into the Mega Millions action.
Sports Fans...
On Monday, police had to be called to break up a fight between a Kentucky fan and a Louisville fan -- at a dialysis clinic. On Wednesday, a man on death row screamed "Go Cowboys" right before receiving his lethal injection.
They Were Probably Too Scared To Lose
Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis gave Stanford an intense, passionate pregame speech before its NIT semifinal game against UMass on Tuesday night.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Chelsea Salmon :: Apix Syndication
Chelsea Salmon is an actress (she appeared on Entourage) and a model. She's also today's LLOD.
Friendly Fish
Those early reports about Hanley Ramirez not wanting to move to third base to accommodate free-agent shortstop Jose Reyes are a thing of the past. The two infielders are getting along so well that they just dyed their hair orange.
Gymnast Of The Day
Johanna Quaas is 86 years old. She can do this.

Arrest Video Of The Day
What does a drunk guy do after he's been arrested and he's sitting in the back of a police car? He sings Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Every. Single. Word. Of. It.

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