March 23, 2010
Dancing With Cheryl Burke
Cheryl Burke :: Steve Erle/SI

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Jimmy has safely returned from Vegas, but needs two days of recovery. He'll be back on Thursday. Meanwhile, the new season of Dancing with the Stars kicked off last night and it's all about Erin Andrews and the artist formally known as Chad Johnson. I have a standing policy against watching that show, but made a one-night exception to see Andrews' performance. But what blew me away wasn't E.A. or even Ochocinco's dance. Instead, it wasCheryl Burke. Wow!
The Odd Couple
I just saw these photos and am now officially convinced that the Hayden Panettiere-Wladimir Klitschko relationship is not a practical joke on the world. I have no idea what a 5-1 actress whose been on TV since she was five has in common with a 6-6 boxer who grew up in the Ukraine but who am I to judge? My problem with Hayden is that I still see her as Coach Yoast's little daughter in Remember the Titans. In fact, I was going to make the the lead item today, but I couldn't find a Panettiere photo that beats the one above of Burke. I hope nobody minds.
Incest in Kentucky
I bet that headline got your attention, but it's really just an item for a funny T-shirt created by some Kentucky fans.
Gretzky Becomes the Greatest
Wayne Gretzky :: Lane Stewart/SI
Today is the 16th anniversary of Wayne Gretzky's 802nd goal, which made him the NHL's all-time goals leader. To celebrate the occasion, SI put out some rare photos of The Great One.
Two Notes on the Women's Tournament
First, Baylor 6-8 freshman center Brittney Griner blocked 14 shots in the Lady Bears' 49-33 win over Georgetown last night. Second, Anne Marie Lannong of Middle Tennessee State is worth checking out, for her looks as well as her talent.
Celebs Who Love Their Athletes
Maxim compiled a list of celebrities who have dated multiple athletes. This seems as good a time as any to make a wild prediction that Madonna is due for a new athlete to latch onto and my prediction is Dwyane Wade. Give it six months, and they'll be tearing up Miami.
Babies and Tattoos
I am not advocating any baby get a tattoo; this is a gallery of people with tattoos of babies. Some are great and some are just weird.
Random Links
The Tiger Woods-Ari Fleischer partnership is already over ... I dislike John Mayer but this quote is funny ... Mark Ingram's dad has to spend 27 extra months in prison for watching his son play in the Sugar Bowl ... I wouldn't mind if these are the next Bond girls.
Marbury in China Video of the Day
It's been a while since anyone has seen Stephon Marbury smiling while playing basketball.

Dad Hit With Ball Video of the Day
That cannot feel good (thanks to for the tip).

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