August 27, 2008
SI's 2008 NFL Scouting Reports
Kansas City Chiefs
Projected Finish: 3rd in AFC West
Bowe shows promise, one of the few K.C. skill position players who does.
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After years of counting on veterans, Herm Edwards has a plan -- rebuild with youth. The payoff will have to wait.

Herm Edwards is surrounded by red and gold, yet all the Chiefs coach sees isorange and white. Those are the colors the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wore in 1996,when Tony Dungy took over that team and hired Edwards to oversee the secondary.The Bucs were coming off a losing season and were committed to building withyoung players after years of relying on veterans. They featured two first-rounddraft picks from '95: defensive tackle Warren Sapp and linebacker DerrickBrooks, the foundations of a perennial playoff team and eventual Super Bowlchampion.

Now Edwards is thinking about his team -- how the Chiefs are coming off a4-12 season, had two first-round draft choices and made a commitment to rebuildwith youth after years of relying on veterans. "When Tony and I got to Tampa, wetalked about what we were going to do: We were going to draft players and playthem [soon]," Edwards says. "We were going to be positive with them, keepreinforcing what we wanted, and eventually it was going to happen. I see thatwith these kids."

Of the 80 Chiefs players who reported to camp this summer, 30 were in theirfirst year, while only a dozen had six or more years' experience. That was adramatic change from previous seasons, when the organization favored veteranseven though it knew there could be a price to pay. "It was like a carton of milk[past] the expiration date," says one club official. "You try to get a couple of[extra] days from it before it goes bad."

If the personnel evaluations were right, the new roster should have years ofshelf life. The Chiefs used their two first-round selections on the topdefensive tackle in the draft, Glenn Dorsey of LSU, and a highly rated offensivelineman, Branden Albert of Virginia. Both are slated to start. With their 10other selections in later rounds, the Chiefs added corner Brandon Flowers ofVirginia Tech, another who's expected to start early, and several reserveswho'll see significant playing time.

"You realize in this league, and in life, that if you don't stick to yourplan, you really don't have a plan," Edwards says. "It's easy to set forth witha plan when you're sitting in an air-conditioned room and picking young players,and then when you show up for training camp and the work starts of preparingthese guys to play, you quickly divert from that. You don't have any conviction.I think this organization has conviction."

Linebacker Derrick Johnson, entering his fourth season, is viewed as one ofthe team leaders. He supports the direction the Chiefs are taking. "We were 4-12last season," he says. "We've got to do something different."

The primary goal is to establish a system in which the offense, defense andspecial teams complement one another. Not surprisingly, Edwards mentions the oldBucs as the model he'd like to follow. Those teams had a strong, ball-hawkingdefense; a powerful, chew-up-the-clock run game; and consistent specialteams.

But Edwards has work to do to remake the Chiefs in that image. Third-yearquarterback Brodie Croyle is in his first season as the full-time starter. Theoffensive line has new starters at four of the five positions, and Albert washobbled early in camp with a sprained foot. No one has jumped out as theNo. 2 receiver behind 2007 first-rounder Dwayne Bowe. At linebacker,veteran Donnie Edwards was slowed in camp by a hamstring injury, and the middle,where Napoleon Harris struggled at times last year, is a question mark. And onthe defensive line, Tamba Hali moves from left end to right end in his thirdseason in hopes of replacing the production of Jared Allen, who was traded toMinnesota after leading the league with 15 1/2 sacks.

"We look at the changes we've made as a good thing," says Croyle. "We can allgrow together, and at the same time we all have something to prove -- that we canplay in this league, perform at a high level and win games." Just like thoseBucs teams did. -- Jim Trotter


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