June 04, 2012
Local News Comes Through Again
Keyon Dooling :: Jesse D. Garrabrant

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I have no idea why Celtics guard Keyon Dooling celebrated like this after the Miami-Boston game Sunday night. According to this sportscaster, the game ended in a tie.
False Alarm
Kings guard Jimmer Fredette got married on Saturday. The night before, at the rehearsal dinner, Fredette and guests caused a UFO scare when they released floating luminaries into the sky.
"When Is Your Bedtime?"
Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels recently sat down for this hard-hitting, yet adorable interview.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Ciara Price :: Twitter.com/Ciara_Price
Mike Cuomorei, of Santa Monica, Calif, says, "Jimmy, you usually do a good job with the LLOD, but it's a pretty big oversight on your part that you've never made Playmate Ciara Price the LLOD. I assume you'll want to fix this, ASAP." Well, Mike, the oversight is on your part, because Price was the LLOD back in January. However, to show that there are no hard feelings, Price is today's LLOD once again.
We told you this morning about Green Bay wide receiver Donald Driver tossing a cleat to a kid at a charity event, only to have some awful woman wrestle it away from him. The story has a happy ending. Driver tracked down the kid and plans on connecting with him and giving him some Packers items.
Ridiculous Story Of The Day
What does one do after someone runs his cat over and kills it? In the case of this guy, you turn the dead cat into a helicopter. (Thanks to Derek Anderson, of Washington, for the link.)
Prank Video Of The Day
This is basically a commercial for Pine Sol, but the company did something smart by scaring the crap out of people instead of doing a sales pitch. The dudes at .30, .47, one minute and 1:15 will never live this down.

Live TV Video Of The Day
These two guys were feeling frisky after seeing Beyonce in concert last week.

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