June 14, 2007
The Links
Case Closed

Jessica Alba :: Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage
Living on the East Coast, we weren't sure which side of the fence we stood on regarding the UCLA and USC rivalry, until our friends at Bruins Nation helped clear up the confusion (with a big assist from Jessica Alba).
See you in September
Just how voluntary is the Ravens' mini-camp? Well, apparently not important enough for Coach Brian Billick to attend.
Overrating Eli
Eli Manning -- unstoppable?? One company thinks so.
Meet the Mets
The Mets are on a roll. GM Omar Minaya is the subject of this week's SI cover story, the team got an up-close look at the lovely Victoria Beckham before Monday's game against the Dodgers and now their starting pitchers are being compared to alcoholic beverages. If only they would start winning on the field.

Venus and Serena Williams :: Rafael Suanes/WireImage
We can't exactly verify the truthfulness of this post, but when someone reveals the boyfriends of Serena and Venus Williams, Hot Clicks feels compelled to give you this information.
Backseat Driver
What's worse than drinking and driving? For this Seattle man, the answer is getting pulled over for a DUI by the police when you're with your girlfriend, naked, underage and in the middle of ... a private moment. We'll just chalk it up to excitement over Kevin Durant.
Reason to Love Golf
The men's U.S. Open begins play today, but our attention is focused on this gallery of the sexiest women golfers.
Video of the Day
Cheering Up Dirk
Dirk Nowitzki can't be happy watching the NBA Playoffs and wondering what if. Hopefully, this tribute cheers him up:
Hall Worthy?
Remember Dan and Dave, the two decathletes Reebok shoved down our throats in commercials such as these? The two entered the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame on Tuesday.
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