August 19, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
The USC Song Girls are one reason to love college football. :: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

As the blog name indicates, the folks at The Love of Sports love sports. All of them. But that doesn't mean there isn't a hierarchy of love, and for blogger Powers Kane, there are eight reasons why college football comes out on top. Among them: the coach as "God" phenomenon, the complete lack of parity and of course, the cheerleaders.

Cover Your Ears

College football season is just around the corner, and at this point, we all want all the preseason content we can get. But a friendly reminder from the folks at NextRound: not all news is good news, kids. There are 15 things no college football fan wants to hear with two weeks until kickoff. Mark May predicting 10-win success for you team, for example, should make you cringe, not smile.

Understudies No Longer

For the next 10 days, UWire will look at one college football QB who'll put down the clipboard and headphones and jump into the middle of the huddle. Up first, Louisville's Hunter Cantwell, who's got Brian Brohm's shoes to fill -- and cannon-like throws to replicate.

A CFB Sing-a-Long
Les Miles can sing you a song about SEC supremacy. :: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Arguments for conference supremacy always sound better when set to acoustic guitar. A lyrical sampling: "The SEC is better than the Big Ten/Maybe we should ask a coach who's been/In both leagues for a while like LSU's Les Miles/Who says he's never going back again."

Maximum Effort

We thought it would be cruel to tease a Maxim article without linking to Anna Kournikova's new cover shot, so here you go. In addition to shooting hot chicks, the magazine's also chiming in on the five worst preseason No. 1 teams ever. Don't worry Dawgs fans, Georgia isn't on the list. Yet.

Don't Waste Your Time

Most people like to look ahead and pick the can't-miss games of an impending season. Not so for The College Football Guys. They want you to avoid these five games, which they've dubbed the most overrated of the upcoming season, and spend those three hours doing something else (or at least watching another game). Not ones for avoiding confrontation, they've put the annual Michigan/Ohio State grudge-match on the list.


Last week, we told you about the NCAA's displeasure over CBS' decision to use college players' names and numbers in fantasy football this year. Now, we've got an explanation from the bloggers at Money Players, who actually understand legal precedent and monetary incentives.

Good Doggy

If you think your laptop's looking bland these days, buy one these and add to its aesthetic appeal.

Pop Culture Nugget

The CW has announced it won't be sending out screeners of the 90210 premiere to critics. The network claims it isn't hiding anything, but as's very own Bryan Graham sagely said, "when they do this with movies it usually just means it's really bad." Programming note: if you want to watch the entire run of the original 90210, the two-part premiere from 1990 runs today at 5 p.m. on SOAPnet.

Today In Hot Clicks
Miami Dolphins Cheerleader :: Courtesy of

Dolphins cheerleaders make sizzling calendar ... Pop Culture Olympics ... Who is Phelps dating? ... Beckham: The Musical ... WAFS are uniting ... Video: L.T.'s strength ... Tesh and Leachman.

Odds and Ends

Virginia Tech is down one wideout ... Attention freshmen: here's a guide for setting up your Facebook page ... They're coaches now, but these guys could play once ... Newcomer of the year Darrell Scott won't be starting for Colorado.

A Swinging Good Time

This is why you should always fall forward off your swing instead of straight down.

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Water Colors

The "Paint by Number" video we brought you a few days ago looks pretty pedestrian after this display from the U.S. swimming trials in Omaha.

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