June 16, 2008
The Links
Big 12 Teams as Potato Chips

If Missouri were a potato chip, it would be a Pringle. :: AP
Considering this is a pro-Missouri blog, we're a little surprised that the Tigers are paired with Pringles. Our favorite team would have gotten a more impressive chip. Maybe even Krunchers -- though according to this list, that means our team is fat and a flash in the pan.
Let Them Streak
In May, eight Penn State student streakers were arrested and charged with open lewdness. Now, the only female of the bunch is fighting the charges by claiming her nudity did not "affront or alarm" anyone. We're guessing the co-eds lined up along Mifflin Road probably agree.
Scientific Proof that Late Classes are Good
Perhaps we're missing something, but we're not sure it's news that kids sleep longer when they get to sleep later. Still, if studies like this will lead to the permanent demise of 8 a.m. lectures, we're fully supportive.
Who's Scarier, Voldemort or the Media?
After the Lakers blew a 24-point Game 4 lead, Kobe Bryant compared his team's plight to the Boy Wizard's, saying Harry "had more problems with Voldemort than we have dealing with the media after a loss." So not only is Kobe a Potter fan, he's got perspective.
CWS Action

UNC slid by LSU 8-4. :: Robert J. Meyer/US PRESSWIRE
Day 2 of the College World Series is in the books. If you're still behind on who's who, rewind and check out The College Baseball Blog's CWS preview.
Notable CWS Names
Speaking of the CWS, there's more to focus on than wins and losses and major-league prospects. Like, for example, player names. Busted Coverage became enamored with CWS umpire Jack Cox's name, and decided to sift through the rosters in search of the "College World Series All-Porn Name Team." Most impressive inclusion: Fresno State pitcher Sean Bonesteele.
The Pac-16
Maybe it's time to forget about plus-one models and playoffs and start thinking about the era of the super-conference.
Gator Supremacy
Sorry Gator-haters, Florida's recent dominance of college athletics is nothing new. The Birmingham News ranked Florida as the SEC's top program of the past 75 years.
Pop Culture Nugget
Country cutie Sara Evans and former Alabama quarterback Jay Barker tied the knot this Saturday.
Today in Hot Clicks
Cavallari, wet Rangers highlight the weekend ... Tiger's "heroics" ... 'Andre Dawson's Creek' ... Sick of Chad Johnson ... Innovative bathrooms ... Video: 5-year-old boxer ... Gymnastics accident.
Odds and Ends
Two college rivalries made the list of the top-five rivalries across sports ... Topping UWire's preseason football poll: Georgia ... The Vick boys just can't stay out of jail ... The Big Ten Network and Comcast are ready to call a truce.
Videos of the Day
Star Wars Dance-off

It's everything the title implies it will be...and more.

Biker Wipe-Out

If you're going to face-plant, at least do a more impressive trick first.

Bad BMX Faceplant - Watch more free videos
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