October 29, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Colt, Texas Ranger
Becoming the new Texas Ranger is quite a burden, but McCoy's up to the task. :: AP

Not only does Tim Tebow wear Colt McCoy pajamas, he wears Colt McCoy Crocs. If you're still not convinced McCoy's replaced Tebow as the newest Chuck Norris Facts stand-in, remember that today's date is Coltober 22, 22 AD (our entire calendar had to be modified after the higher-ups decided "BC" should stand for "Before Colt").

Help Jim Mora Decide

It's rare for someone to show to kind of conviction Jim Mora showed when, while still coaching the Atlanta Falcons, he vowed nothing would stop him from taking the University of Washington job if and when he ever received the offer. Now that Ty Willingham's packing his bags and leaving Huskie Land at season's end, Mora must be on cloud nine. Just one problem -- he's also next in line for the Seattle Seahawks job. What's a coach to do? Head over to College Game Balls to vote.

The Name Game

Many people take pride in their names and do all they can to keep them sparkly and clean before passing them along to the next generation. Others, however, aren't too attached to their names (a former associate claimed his parents named him Seamus Theodore O'Connor because they're cruel) and seize the day when a change can be made. Colleges are no different. Shockingly, the Stanford Cardinal was not always the Stanford Cardinal. We can't tell you what Stanford's mascot used to be, because then you'd get an easy point on Mental Floss' former mascot quiz, but we will share this little nugget with you. Before Syracuse was the Orange, it was the Orangemen, and before that, it was the Saltine Warriors (and the school colors were pink and pea green).

Too Much, Too Soon?
Terrelle Pryor might be a superstar in the making, but he couldn't lead Ohio State over Penn State. :: AP

We at SIOC love caveats. They make the editorial world go round. They enable a writer to, say, profess his love for Terrelle Pryor, and then two paragraphs later blame Pryor for Ohio State's loss to Penn State.

The Wiry Wonder

Jordan Shipley's got a few things going for him that you don't: He's Colt McCoy's roommate, he's one of Colt McCoy's favorite targets and he's probably going to win a championship with Colt McCoy by his side. This wiry wideout's fun to watch, and The Big Lead's developed a bit of a man crush. After that man crush sets in, it's only natural to write a post blasting NFL GMs for passing on a talent like Shipley before they actually pass on Shipley.

Keep Your Cool (For Now)

If Rob Parker keeps naming Michigan State players as potential felons, coach Mark Dantonio's going to go all Mike Gundy on him.

It's Already Playoff Time

The Ivy League might be a tad miffed The Love of Sports just referred to it as The Ancient Eight instead of The Elite Eight, but really, TLS has nothing but love for the Ivy's football tradition, and for Penn and Brown, the league's two undefeated teams, which go head-to-head this weekend in the closest thing the conference will have to a championship game. Take that, Harvard and Yale.

Watch Out For That Wall

Nothing says "Welcome to WV Tech" quite like a plywood wall two feet from the pylon (as West Virginia now knows).

Pop Culture Nugget

A few weeks ago we linked to EW's post on the top nude scenes in cinematic history. Not, the site's turned the best of the breasts into a game. Go play.

Today In Hot Clicks
Minka Kelly :: Getty Images

We try to get Jeter to talk about Minka Kelly ... Oden loves Justin Timberlake ... Fun with photos ... Feres twins update ... Top 10 coaches tirades ...Video: Drunk Phillies fan ... Elevator fight.

Odds and Ends

Vandy's Bowl drought might not be over after all ... Get engaged as the sweat and rain pour down your face ... This LSU fan should be ashamed of himself ... If you enjoy watching football players break their legs, this one's for you.

Coley Central

Yesterday, we posted a video of UNC Charlotte hoopster Charlie Coley finishing a very innovative alley oop. Robert Friedman, the guy who filmed the clip, noticed the linkage and sent a follow-up today. Clicks isn't going to become Coley Central, but we thought the sheer oddity of dunking over a man riding an exercise bike and wearing a helmet deserved a little attention.

Bentley Bowl

You know fall's really here when sorority girls nationwide start pounding each other into the cold, hard earth in the name of first downs.

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