July 18, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Invisible Devils
Duke and Invisible Woman (played by Jessica Alba) are two peas in a pod. :: AP : Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

It's been a few days since the College Football Guys last compared a BCS conference to an alcoholic beverage or pop-culture item, and we hope you haven't started to get withdrawal shakes just yet. In case you have, though, they're back today with a post on ACC teams and their superhero counterparts (in honor of The Dark Knight's premiere). The most amusing? Duke as Invisible Woman, both of whom are always overshadowed by the other Fantastic Four members despite looking damn good in blue.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

Two Penn State students were arrested for stealing a can of root beer from a frat house. Kids, if you're going to get arrested, you might as well take one can of soda each.

Hey, Big Spender

Yesterday, we expressed our awe over the massive amount of money Florida football fans have to shell out for Gators tickets. Many local Campus Clicks readers subsequently brought this article to our attention, which says that this is the year for a new crop of Georgia fans to get their hands on Bulldogs tickets -- provided they're willing to give a $10,651 donation for the right to buy the ticket.

The Next Kansas
Will UCLA or UNC be the this year's Kansas? :: John Cordes/Icon SMI : AP

Last season, Kansas surpassed its maybe-bowl-eligible expectations and exploded into the college football spotlight. Not wanting to be fooled again, The Love of Sports is trying to figure out which team will be this year's Kansas. UCLA and UNC seem like logical contenders, if for no other reason than they, like Kansas, have football teams that have been entirely overshadowed by their respective basketball success of late.

Who Needs Football?

Busted Coverage (courtesy of Tempe 12) has something to tide you over until the college football season kicks off. (Hint: sexy college girls and football jerseys are involved.)

The Serbian Saga Continues

The Serbian basketball team just signed former University of Binghamton basketball player Miladin Kovacevic, who fled the U.S. after cracking a classmate over the head with a bottle and sending him to the hospital, where weeks later he's still in critical condition. Doesn't seem like the right move to end this mini-international crisis.


Mini-Me set the bar high last year as the Ann Arbor News' guest football columnist, but after his sex-tape saga it's reasonable to assume he won't resume the post. MVictor is looking for a celebrity replacement.

For the Snooze Happy

We've never been big fans of the snooze button -- why not just sleep five minutes longer to begin with? -- so we fully encourage you to buy one of these nifty alarm clocks that absolutely refuse to let you sneak in any extra z's. Probably a pretty good investment before heading back to the world of 8 a.m. lectures.

Pop Culture Nugget

K-Fed and Britney have come to an agreement in their custody case.

Today In Hot Clicks
Carrie Underwood :: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Joba talks Xbox, Fresh Prince, bugs, more ... Oden flustered by Rihanna ... Best sports images ... Win date with Gulbis ... Favre, Dark Knight links ... Video: Best put-back dunks ... Feisty cat.

Odds and Ends

College baseball has joined the statistical revolution ... The latest Facebook redesign is on its way ... A few weeks ago, a college student tried to sell his vote on eBay ... The first complete list of lines for college football's opening-week games has been posted.

Spinner Boy

This kid is a championship-caliber pizza-dough spinner.

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