June 11, 2009
Thursday, June 11
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Official: Cowboys aware of danger
The Dallas Cowboys knew when they hired Summit Structures LLC to build their now-ruined practice facility that a similar fabric structure built by the company for the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority had collapsed in a storm, according to a port official. Greg Iannarelli, the port authority's chief counsel, said he was contacted by Cowboys official Bruce Mays not long after a warehouse built by Summit for the port collapsed during a snowstorm in February 2003. Iannarelli said the Cowboys were considering using Summit and were concerned. "My recollection is they wanted to know what happened, and we weren't sure at the time," he told The Associated Press. Iannarelli said he had several other conversations with Mays, the Cowboys director of football operations, over the next three years. He said he also sent Mays a copy of a Philadelphia judge's decision in December 2006 stating that the warehouse's collapse was due to design flaws.
(Associated Press)
A-Rod, Tex confront ESPN's Sutcliffe
Rick Sutcliffe has no problem with Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, even after being confronted by the two players on Tuesday night for something he said during an ESPN telecast two weeks ago. Following Teixeira's home run off Texas' Derek Holland on May 27, Sutcliffe suggested that A-Rod might have tipped Teixeira off to the catcher's setup location. The mere suggestion upset both Teixeira and Rodriguez.
(New York Daily News)
Donaghy injured in prison attack
On the day that could mark Game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Lakers and Orlando Magic, the main figure in the league's most notorious scandal will be released from a federal prison. But former referee Tim Donaghy, who once charged the league tried to take steps to set up a series to go seven games in order to generate more revenue, will not be exiting Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, Fla., next Thursday at the speed of a fast break. In November 2008, while serving his 15-month sentence - that next will be followed by a period of time in a transition center - Donaghy was attacked by a fellow inmate and suffered considerable damage to his knee, according to a source who has maintained regular contact with Donaghy during his imprisonment. Had Donaghy somehow raised the ire of the other inmate to spark a whack to the knee, or was it a Nancy Kerrigan-esque hit? Donaghy could not comment for this story, said the source, who added the former referee was unsure why he was assaulted and hit "several times with a paint-rolling stick."
(Los Angeles Daily News)
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Romain Dumas of France drives the spectral Audi R10 TDI during practice for Le Mans 24-hour race on June 10 in Le Mans, France. (Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)
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A Penguins fan takes umbrage at her neighborhood's Red Wings fervor.
Game To Watch
Lakers vs. Magic, 9 p.m ET
Magic seek to even the NBA Finals at two wins apiece.
Los Angeles Lakers
Orlando Magic
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More 1981 baseball strike
1967 -- Chicago Cubs (7) and New York Mets (4) tie record of 11 HRs in a game. Cubs win the pitchers duel, 18-11, at Wrigley Field.
1978 -- Nancy Lopez wins the LPGA Championship, one of her nine LPGA Tour wins that year.
1981 -- Seattle Mariners beat Baltimore Orioles 8-2 at Kingdome, then Major League players go on strike until August 10.
1982 -- Larry Holmes TKOs Gerry Cooney in 13 rounds for the heavyweight boxing title.

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