July 09, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Running Wild
Jennifer Mueller runs well and looks good doing it. :: Kirby Lee/US PRESSWIRE

With the 2008 Olympics rapidly approaching, Busted Coverage has launched a new feature: "2008 Olympics of Hot College Athletes." For the rest of the summer, the site will highlight an attractive and athletic college lady who might be traveling to Beijing to represent her country. First up: USC track phenom Jennifer Mueller.

Can I Get a (Digital) Re-Rack?

One day, people will realize beer pong is a sport that demands commitment, creativity and stamina -- not merely a mechanism for getting really drunk while throwing things at your friends. Until that day, however, we're going to see things like Nintendo changing the name of Frat Party Games - Beer Pong to the tamer (and lamer) Frat Party Games - Pong Toss to appease the masses.

Goodbye, Cheap Hoodies

With college apparel store Steve & Barry's facing bankruptcy, the University of Michigan has not renewed the store's license to sell products featuring the school's logo. Other colleges may follow suit. Say goodbye to those $7 sweat pants, kids.

Oh, to be a Seminole
Where would Jessica Simpson and A-Rod have gone to college? :: Rob Loud/Getty Images : US PRESSWIRE

Uncoached also launched a new segment today: "What College Should They Have Gone To?" Dangling preposition aside, it's a fun concept. First up, Alex Rodriquez (USC), Jessica Simpson (Florida State), Britney Spears (LSU) and Justin Timberlake (we're going to maintain some suspense and not tell you where he'd have gone.)

Mind in the Gutter

The above headline is both a clever name for a co-ed bowling team and an accurate description of the rest of the team names on this list -- a list which further proves a simple truth: mom jokes and sexual-innuendoes are almost always funny.

A Shot of History

Speaking of Alcohol, check out New York magazine's book review of Drink: A Cultural History of Alcohol. And heck, if reading a fine publication like New York gets your literary muscles pumping, check out the book itself.

Hugs and Kisses

It takes heart to show up every Saturday and leave it all out on the field when the chances of winning are essentially zero. And so, let's give some love to these six teams, whose continued futility makes them even more worthy of our love, and desperately need a hug.

BET Bruin

This fall, blue chip RB/DB prospect Jonathan Franklin will proudly don UCLA's colors. Until then, however, he's a key member of Baldwin Hills, a reality show on BET.

Pop Culture Nugget

Miss Washington's flipping the bird and causing a stir.

Today In Hot Clicks
Doug Murray/Getty Images

Catching up with Kournikova ... Best commercials ... More Favre bashing ... Unique cheerleading list ... Sacha Baron Cohen ... Video: Broadcaster prank ... Walk of Shame song.

Odds and Ends

Animal rights activists terrorize Cal professor ... Stephen Curry is sharpening his point guard skills ... Indiana reinstated quarterback Kellen Lewis ... One reason to go to the 2008 Richmond Hokie Club Football Kickoff Dinner: special guest Erin Andrews.

The Bigger, The Better

When a firecracker display looks like an atom-bomb induced mushroom cloud, it's pretty impressive. So even though we posted a firecracker video the other day, we had to post this video of a 10.5 million firecracker explosion and give props where they were due.

Trick Basketball Shots

Moderately unhygienic (most of the shots end up in trashcans), but very cool.

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