September 18, 2013
Wednesday, September 18
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Pelini's job status in limbo

If he's being honest, Nebraska coach Bo Pelini doesn't know about his future. As Tuesday night closed, a haze remained around the Nebraska football program, with [Pelini's] job status still seeming in limbo after Monday's release of an expletive-heavy rant from Pelini about Husker fans. ... On Monday night, Pelini talked in person about the issue with Husker athletic director Shawn Eichorst and by phone with UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman. But he said he had not had any further conversations with either of the men Tuesday. With nothing said, Pelini was still planning on coaching in Saturday's game against South Dakota State. "I haven't been given any assurances, but you just proceed with the information you have, and I'm the head football coach until someone says different," Pelini said. (Lincoln Journal-Star) Comment

Vick still grateful to Reid

Michael Vick admits he wasn't always the best pupil in his younger days, which is where a big redhead comes into focus. During his six seasons with the Falcons, he routinely was the last to arrive at their practice facility and the first to leave. ... All of that changed 4 years ago when Andy Reid went out on a very long limb for Vick and offered him a second chance at football and life. ... "Coach has had a big influence on my life as far as my way of thinking," Vick said [Tuesday]. "There were plenty of times where I would go up to coach's office and talk to him about things I wasn't comfortable talking to anybody else about. "I didn't know our relationship was going to progress into that when I came here, but it did. I was very thankful for that. Because I spent a lot of time in his office and we became close. I appreciated that." (Philadelphia Daily News) Comment

No guarantees for Sveum

Theo Epstein was quick to point out that Dale Sveum has done a "remarkable job" maintaining a good clubhouse environment despite two rough seasons in Chicago. [But Epstein] also said the manager was being evaluated with the rest of the coaching staff and a decision on his future would be made after the season. Asked directly whether Sveum would be back in 2014, Epstein said they will go through a check list, and added "there are no alarm bells to ring" but it is a subject that will be addressed once the evaluation process is completed. ... The Cubs lost 101 games last season, and will not finish with 100 losses this year but will likely be in last place in the National League Central. "I think we've been very up front that we're not evaluating Dale on wins and losses," Epstein said. ( Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

The Blue Jackets' Fedor Tyutin, left, checks Buffalo Sabres' Corey Tropp during a preseason game. (Paul Vernon/AP)

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Dan Patrick discusses the biggest topics in sports with Andrew Perloff and Stephen Cannella.

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SI Vault: More LaDainian Tomlinson
  • 1899 -- The Cincinnati Open, the oldest tennis tournament in the United States, begins for the first time.
  • 1996 -- Roger Clemens ties his own major league record by striking out 20 batters in a game against the Detroit Tigers.
  • 2005 -- LaDainian Tomlinson rushes for a touchdown for the 14th straight game, setting an NFL record.

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