June 06, 2013
Thursday, June 6
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Most likely to land in London

London calling? Regardless of precisely what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did or didn't say at a conference on Tuesday regarding playing more games in London, make no mistake: Goodell's eyes remain fixed across the Atlantic, and that's not going to change. A few years back if you had asked me about the likelihood of an NFL franchise in London, I'd have said, sometime in my lifetime, maybe in the next 25 years. Ask me now, and I'd say we'll see football -- American football -- being played on Sundays at Wembley Stadium within the next 10 years (possibly 5 to 7), and, yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the team numerous well-connected NFL people have tabbed as the most likely to land there. (CBS Sports) Comment

Popovich wanted Parker and Kidd together in '03

Years ago, Gregg Popovich had a plan for Tony Parker. The Spurs tried to sign free-agent point guard Jason Kidd in 2003, not to replace Parker but to develop him. The idea was to turn Parker into more of a scorer and learn the craft of being an NBA point guard from one of the greatest to ever do it. But it was never to replace him outright. "Well, your question infers that there was an either/or, and that would be false," Popovich explained on Wednesday. "That's not what I had in mind at all. I wanted both of them. It wasn't to get rid of Tony Parker. Tony was really young, and I had a hard time convincing him of that. But I was probably a little bit out of the bubble machine at the time. It seemed to me that it would be a great move if we could get Jason to help mentor Tony." (CBS Sports) Comment

Yanks desperately want to hear 'R' word from A-Rod

The job of Alex Rodriguez's publicist, and he recently hired another, isn't an easy one. Sometimes it's innocuous bits like talking about sleepovers with Derek Jeter or commissioning a painting of a centaur with his head or macking on Z-list models during a playoff game. And others it is a whopper, like the one threatening to swallow his career whole. ... Compound that with Rodriguez's return from a second major hip surgery, and it leaves his future in doubt. Despite public declarations of support, the New York Yankees desperately hope the injury forces him into retirement and allows them to cash insurance policies on the $100 million-plus remaining of the most ill-fated contract in sports history, a 10-year, $275 million albatross. The ensuing fight is bound to get ugly. (Yahoo!) Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

Usain Bolt told an Italian TV station he didn't like AC Milan star Mario Balotelli. Balotelli responded.

Must-See Video

Patrice Bergeron lifts the Bruins over the Penguins 2-1 in double overtime, giving Boston a 3-0 lead in the East finals.

This Day in Sports
SI Vault: Joe Namath
  • 1969 -- Joe Namath retires (briefly) from the NFL after Pete Rozelle, commissioner, said he must sell his stake in a bar.
  • 2000 -- Thanks to the Angels' video crew playing a clip from the 1994 movie "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective," the Rally Monkey is born.
  • 2007 -- Trevor Hoffman becomes the first reliever to save 500 games.

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