March 24, 2009
By Andy Gray
Danica vs. Danica
Danica McKellar, Danica Patrick
Danica McKellar, Danica Patrick :: Courtesy of Stuff, Marlena Bielinska/SI

Jimmy is in Florida helping Derek Jeter decorate his new 30,000-square-foot Florida mansion but he'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, I was looking for a good item to lead with when I came across some stunning news -- Winnie Cooper got married. That's right, Danica McKellar, the girl-next-door we all grew up admiring and lusting after is no longer on the market. Luckily, we have another Danica ... Danica Patrick, to admire. But which Danica is hotter? We'll let you decide.

Tournament Links

With Arizona advancing to the Sweet 16, Real Clear Sports takes a look at the top 10 bubble performances of all time. The Bleacher Report wants you to like Eric Devendorf, but this picture alone makes me still hate him. Here is a good list of March Madness heroes who became NBA zeroes ... Lastly, Jim Nantz may run for public office.

Twelve Months of Fun

Sure, SI's swimsuit calendar has Melissa Haro and other top models, but does it have a month devoted solely to WNBA players keeping their clothes on? Food Court Lunch has the top 10 least-popular-sports-celebrity calendars.

Feud of the Year
Chris Cooley
Browns fans, Chris Cooley:: Getty Images (2)

Forget Duke-UNC or Cutler-McDaniels. The biggest feud in sports right now is Chris Cooley vs. the Cleveland Browns fanbase. It all started when Cooley found himself in the middle of a trade rumor that would've sent him to the Browns. Cooley responded he "would be pissed if I got my ass shipped to Cleveland." As it turns out, the fans in Cleveland weren't too thrilled with the Redskins tight end for that comment, so they sent him some hate mail. Cooley's comeback was priceless.

Barkley -- The College Years

Few athletes are as entertaining as Charles Barkley. However, the Chuckster may want to burn this video of him at Auburn playing in uncomfortably short shorts.

Random Stories We Like

This just proves hockey should never be played on pink ice ... We're guessing Curt Schilling isn't too happy with ESPN ... Here are the 70 best hip hop videos ever made ... And here are the 10 worst music videos of all time ... We are a little late to this party, but there is an entire Web site devoted to David Wright growing a mustache ... It was only a matter of time until someone invented the ice cream burger ... The 12 most ridiculous lawsuits of all time.

Random Girls We Like

Jimmy Rollins' girlfriend is far from ugly ... Leryn Franco is the hottest female athlete of all-time ... Uncoached takes a look at celebrities with and without their makeup ... Lindsay Lohan is broke ... I can't tell if this woman is attractive or not ... But I am positive Veronika Fasterova is.

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Peyton Manning Video Of The Day

The Colts QB jams with Kenny Chesney.

Wayne Gretzky Video Of The Day

Yesterday was the 15-year anniversary of Wayne Gretzky becoming the NHL's all-time scoring leader. Here is the goal.

Goalie Temper Tantrum Of The Day

Tuukka Rask wasn't too happy the referees counted this goal.

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