June 26, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Soccer Fever
Daniella Sarahyba
Daniella Sarahyba :: Walter Iooss/SI

After a stunning win against Spain in the semifinals of the Confederations Cup on Wednesday, the U.S. team tries to win the whole thing Sunday when it faces Brazil. Before the teams do battle, Co-Ed Magazine would like you to vote in another stiff U.S.- Brazil competition -- the model showdown. And ladies, Hot Clicks even has something for you, via People.com -- the hunks of the U.S. men's soccer team. And for the Twitterers out there, here's the list of U.S. players who Tweet.

NBA Draft -- Part I

So, the NBA draft was held in New York City last night, where every team was seeking this player and where the home crowd booed the Knicks' pick of Jordan Hill, causing Stuart Scott to utter the unbelievably dumb line, "Well, you hear the reaction from the crowd. At this point, they'd probably boo anyone not named Stephen Curry and not named Mark Jackson." Yeah, OK, Stuart.

NBA Draft -- Part II

The best part of the NBA draft last night had to be Kevin Love's Tweeting. He wasn't a big fan of Minnesota's draft and wondered about all the point guards, but then realized he might not want to publicly question his organization and then finished things off with a solid joke at David Stern's expense.

NBA Draft -- Part III
Ricky Rubio, Blake Griffin, James Harden, Tyler Hansbrough
Ricky Rubio, Blake Griffin, James Harden, Tyler Hansbrough :: Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images
Lastly on the draft, SI.com Ty Hildenbrandt has the awards you won't see anywhere else, and Bleacher Report grades the suits worn Thursday night.
Late-Night Roundup

Lots to report from last night. Tiger Woods played some Wii with Jimmy Fallon (kinda boring). Bruno stripped for and grinded on Conan O'Brien (kinda outstanding). And Megan Fox (enough said) was on David Letterman's show. (Thanks to Nate N., of Nashville, Tenn., for the link.)

Michael Jackson

I was shocked at how many people e-mailed me asking for some sort of Michael Jackson tribute in Hot Clicks today. I'm not eloquent or intelligent enough to offer anything you haven't already heard. Obviously, he was a controversial figure, and the last several years of his life were filled with unpleasant things. But if you're in your 30s and have an '80s obsession, as I do, yesterday was a surreal day. The only fitting tribute I could think of is going to YouTube and watching some videos, because he made MTV (back when the "M" was relevant). The other fitting tribute is this awesome piece on all the YouTube versions of Thriller. And for a Michael Jackson-sports connection, Sports, Crackle, Pop recapped last night's draft using songs from the King of Pop.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Remember the video Hot Clicks posted last week of Long Beach Armada player Josh Womack doing a cool trick with his bat? Well, Womack is back for more. (Thanks to Andrew Smith, of San Luis Obispo, Calif., for the link.)

Derek Jeter Video Of The Day
Today is Derek Jeter's 35th birthday. If you want to see how much his looks have changed throughout his career, just watch this tremendous clip.
Breaking Down Commercials Video Of The Day

This would be sooooo much better without the laugh track, but it works nonetheless. It's a funny look at how advertisers see women as opposed to men.

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