March 03, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
What's In An Age?
Danielle Bux
Danielle Bux :: Courtesy of Maxim

In case you missed it over the weekend, 41-year-old Boris Becker got engaged to his girlfriend, Lilly Kerssenberg, who happens to be 30. This news has inspired The Angry T to look at other sports couples that feature an older man with a younger woman. One couple on the list is former English soccer star and current analyst Gary Lineker and lingerie model, Danielle Bux, who is 18 years younger than Lineker. More important, here's a gallery of Bux, courtesy of Maxim. And for more on celeb-athlete couples, the Big Lead is laying out odds for the next marriage.

Solid List

Top 10 Competitions You'd Have to Be Crazy to Compete In.

Another Reason To Love Sweet Lou

Lou Piniella is not a fan of Steve Phillips. Welcome to the club, Lou.

Beer Pong -- Stern Style
Ronnie The Limo Driver
Ronnie The Limo Driver : Chris Gagliardi/Howard TV On Demand

With beer pong continuing to grow, leave it to the Howard Stern team to improve the game with just one twist. This past Friday, Howard TV filmed a special Strip Beer Pong show to air in late April. I was lucky enough to attend part of the taping, and I can honestly say you'll never see a Beer Pong tournament quite like this one. Some of the members of the Stern posse who participated in the highly skilled event (along with some "exotic dancers") included Ronnie the Limo Driver (above), Scott the Engineer, Ralph Cirella, JD and Shuli. For a reminder of just how good the Howard TV crew is at putting events like this together, just check this out

Revisiting A Past Hobby

Anyone who used to collect baseball cards (how much is that Ken Griffey Upper Deck rookie card that I have three of worth these days, anyway?) will definitely appreciate this column.

Top Traditions has compiled video of the top 10 college football pregame traditions.

Random Links

The new Nationals mascot is named Screech, but doesn't look anything like Dustin Diamond. ... The Phillie Phanatic has the hots for a Hooters girl. ... If you missed Jimmy Fallon's debut as host of Late Night, here's a live blog. ... The Top 10 Most Important Dude Ponytails.

Playboy Covers And Goodfellas On Facebook

For these two great links, check out the Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Sports Video Of The Day

A soccer player named Mascara scores one of the most unbelievable goals you'll ever see.

Eddie Murphy Video Of The Day

Bland Campbell, of Fredericksburg, Va., says "When I saw Rick Pitino's all-white suit, I immediately had this flashback." Apparently the white suit made Bland think of this routine from what is without a doubt the single greatest standup show of my lifetime. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Britney Spears Video Of The Day

Judging by this rehearsal footage for her tour that starts tonight, Britney Spears has pulled off what might be the most unbelievable comeback of our lifetime.

Recut Movie Trailer Of The Day

A ton of you urged me to go with Mary Poppins.

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