April 22, 2010
Take Note, America
Danielle Bux :: Simon James/Getty Images

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Since soccer in the United States has always struggled to go mainstream, let me offer this piece of advice to the networks who are preparing their World Cup coverage. Follow the example set by a U.K. morning show and hire a WAG correspondent. And make sure you also copy the part where the correspondent hired is a former WAG who looks as good as Danielle Bux. She's up for the gig on England's GMTV.
Long Time Listener, First Time Caller
Since I basically spend five-and-a-half hours almost every single day listening to Mike Francesa on New York radio station WFAN and the YES Network, I can tell you that this column on the top 10 worst sports talk radio callers is right on.
It's Only Ice
Alex Ovechkin skates toward a kid and sprays some ice on him. Harmless fun or not nice? I say harmless fun.
He Won't Be Smiling If He Sees This
Sam Bradford :: AP
Forget reading mock drafts. The best way to prepare for tonight's first-round is to watch the "official" St. Louis Rams 2010 NFL draft day video. Sam Bradford, who is expected to go No. 1 overall to the Rams, may want to skip it or risk getting severely depressed.
Pandemonium In L.A.
A fan at the Lakers game on Tuesday night hit a half court shot to win some cash. The best parts of the clip, though, is the line by Phil Jackson about making shots and Kevin Harlan's In-And-Out burger shout out at the end.
What A Supportive Girlfriend
Hey, I recognize that beauty (who appears at the 1:03 mark of this video) in the first row of last night's Yankees-A's game. (Thanks to reader Josh Feller for the tip.)
Sports Video Of The Day
Caron Butler's obsession with McDonald's straws is a bit disturbing.

Tailgaiting Video Of The Day
Since Hot Clicks had some fun last week with baseball players using Miley Cyrus' Party in the U.S.A. as their at-bat song, Craig, of Chicago, passes along this video of Penn State fans, um, rocking out to the song while tailgating.

Wheel Of Fortune Video Of The Day
Urlesque.com has posted seven epic Wheel of Fortune fails. Here's one of them.

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