April 14, 2010
This Is Getting Good
Jerry Jones :: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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Today's A.M. Hot Clicks linked to a Deadspin.com video of Jerry Jones dissing Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow. Jones was at a bar speaking to a couple of guys and was obviously filmed on a phone. Tons of major outlets picked up the story, including Dallas TV station, WFAA. This caused its sports anchor, Dale Hansen, to go on an epic rant. He got off to an embarrassing and ignorant start by saying, "Our business now is a fat kid in a T-shirt in his mother's basement eating Cheetos and writing his blogs." But he won back some points at the end, when he basically tears into his own station. (Warning: There is an F-bomb from Deadspin in the headline of the link.)
Going Hollywood
Matt Kemp seems to be fully embracing the celebrity lifestyle. He's dating Rihanna (who showed up to yesterday's Dodgers game) and doing photoshoots for GQ.
What The Hail?
This story is a week old, but I can't pass on linking it up. There was a crazy hail storm in Iowa and some runners got caught in it. You must see the result. (Thanks to Daniel Stewart, of Jackson, Miss., for the link.)
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Danneel Harris :: Getty Images
Wes, of Newport, R.I., says, "Hey, Jimmy, could you please feature Danneel Harris as your Lovely Lady of the day? Here is a photo shoot from Maxim.com. Also be sure to check her out in the movie Ten Inch Hero.You'll thank me later." There's a joke to be made with that last line, but I can't make it on SI.com. Meanwhile, here's another gallery of Harris.
Random Sports Links
The 10 silliest pro wrestling characters of all-time. ... Get your favorite baseball team's logo imprinted on your toast. ... LSU fan buys part of baseball stadium, and displays it in his backyard.
Random Non-Sports Links
How to eat KFC's new Double-Down sandwich. ... This story on why babies make great wingmen is worth clicking on just for the great Photoshop. ... Boston is in line to get Jersey Shore'd. (Thanks to Chris, of West Islip, N.Y., for the link.)
Sports Video Of The Day
Via @langwhitaker comes this funny video of Tracy Morgan, who was mic'd up at a recent Knicks game.

Overused Movie Line Video Of The Day
Have you ever noticed how many movies use the line, "We've got company?"

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