December 22, 2009
2000s: The Decade in Sports
It was thrilling and tumultuous, a decade that took us to the heights of excellence and depths of disgrace with regularity. This page is your portal to our look back at all of it -- the dominant athletes, greatest games, biggest stories, fiercest rivalries, stunning upsets, spectacular flops, most brilliant minds, record-breaking performances and more. A wide pool of writers contributed picks in a vast array of categories covering 15 sports plus the Olympics as well as forays into movies, television and other pop-culture themes. You may not always agree with us, but that's the glory of debating the best and worst of sports, and there was plenty of each in the 2000s.

2000s: The Decade in the NFL
King: Highlights and lowlights
King: All-Decade team
Banks: 10 signature moments
Banks: Trades, free agency and the draft
Clemons: 10 best fantasy seasons
POLL: Share your thoughts on the decade in the NFL

2000s: The Decade in MLB
Posnanski: Highlights and lowlights
Posnanski: All-Decade team
Chen: 10 signature moments
Heyman: Trades, free agency and draft
POLL: Share your thoughts on the decade in MLB

2000s: The Decade in College Football
Mandel: Highlights and lowlights
Mandel: All-Decade team
Staples: 10 signature moments
POLL: Tell us who you think were the best and the worst of the decade

2000s: The Decade in the NBA
Thomsen: Highlights and lowlights
Thomsen: All-Decade team
McCallum: 10 Signature Moments
Montieth: Trades, free agency and draft
Anderson: WNBA starting five
POLL: Share your thoughts on the decade in the NBA

2000s: The Decade in College Basketball
Davis: Highlights and lowlights
Wahl: All-Decade team
Winn: 10 signature moments
Anderson: Decade in women's hoops

The Decade in Pop Culture/Media
Menez: The quotes of the decade
Deitsch: Broadcasting highs and lows
Graham: Movies, TV, books and blogs
Torre: The most colorful personalities

2000s: The Decade in the NHL
Farber: Highlights and lowlights
Farber: All-Decade team
Muir: 10 signature moments
Muir: Trades, free agency and the draft

2000s: More from the Decade
Golf: Highs/lows | Moments | Top players
Tennis: Recap | Top players | Matches
Soccer: Highs/lows | All-Decade team
Olympics: Top moments | Top athletes
Boxing: Recap | Best pound-for-pound
MMA: Recap | Moments | Top 10 fighters
Racing: Highs/lows | NASCAR moments
Cycling: Never a dull moment with Lance
Horse Racing: Top 20 horses and more
High Schools: Decade's big headliners

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