March 25, 2010
Give It A Spin
Tiger Woods Mistress Slot Machine ::

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I missed so much good stuff to riff on while I was on vacation: The Gus Johnson soundboard hit the Internet earlier this week, and Reggie Bush and personal favorite, Kim Kardashian, reportedly split after she spent some time on a yacht. Oh, and someone may have told Tim Tebow to "shut the f--- up" after he reportedly asked some guys at the Scouting Combine to pray before taking the Wonderlic test. (Tebow has denied this.) And, of course, Tiger Woods decided to grace the world with a pair of five-minute interviews in which he said absolutely nothing. But Tiger did announce that he'll hold a real press conference at the Masters on April 5. Hopefully, someone there can ask him if he's played the Tiger Woods Mistress Slot Machines.
So Nice At Night looks at stadiums at night to come up with 25 beautiful cathedrals of sports.
Maddest Marches
The first weekend of the NCAA tournament was filled with anarchy. Will that continue? If it does, where will this edition of March Madness end up on this list of the top 10 craziest tournaments?
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Diora Baird :: Jesse Grant/SI
There was a big discussion in the office this afternoon about whether Hot Tub Time Machine will be any good. After doing a search for the movie, some sites reported actress Diora Baird is in the movie. This isn't confirmed on IMDB, but whether she's in it or not, she deserves to be the Lovely Lady of the Day.
Fun In The Florida Sun
As we inch closer to Opening Day, sometimes it's good to sit back and enjoy the unusual things you see during spring training.
Compilation Of Crappy Products
Since I still get e-mails about the Shake Weight (even though it's been in Hot Clicks three times), I figured this thorough compilation of unintentionally funny commercials for completely useless products needed to be featured.

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