By John Donovan
April 23, 2005
1st in the 2nd round, 33rd overall
San Francisco 49ers David Baas OG
Michigan   |  6-4.5  |  319
A lot of football people think an offense can't run without a smart center. Baas may not play center right away -- he was mostly a guard in college -- but he'll get there, snapping to No. 1 pick Alex Smith sometime soon. The first round was five hours and 47 minutes long, and Mel Kiper has yet to take a breath or rip the Colts. Hey, we could have gone for a crack about his hair there, but that'd be too easy.
2nd in the 2nd round, 34th overall
Cleveland Browns Brodney Pool S
Oklahoma   |  6-1  |  207
New coach Romeo Crennel gets his defensive player, the first true safety off the board. A need pick who will get a lot of playing time early.
3rd in the 2nd round, 35th overall
Philadelphia Eagles Reggie Brown WR
Georgia   |  6-1.5  |  196
Already, Freddie Mitchell is whining about not getting the ball. Georgia's Brown may not become the No. 2 guy behind Terrell Owens right away, but he has the ability. And Mitchell, for all his blunder, caught only 22 balls for only two TDs last year. Move over, pal.
4th in the 2nd round, 36th overall
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Barrett Ruud ILB
Nebraska   |  6-2.5  |  241
Ruud isn't a blow-away pick -- he'd have gone in the first round if that were the case -- but he's a solid-enough type who will fit in, eventually, with a good Tampa Bay defense. Oklahoma's Cody is, officially, in a free-fall.
5th in the 2nd round, 37th overall
Detroit Lions Shaun Cody DT
Southern Cal   |  6-4  |  293
Arrrrghhhh! To add insult to Cody's long, long day, the Lions (in a trade with the Titans) move up to pick the OTHER Cody, the one from Southern California, ahead of the one from Oklahoma. This Cody is an interior guy who's tall and will get bigger. He could be a fixture in Detroit for years to come.
6th in the 2nd round, 38th overall
Oakland Raiders Stanford Routt CB
Houston   |  6-1.5  |  193
Again with the speed and the Raiders. This guy, by all accounts, is a track guy trying to play cornerback. He better have some good coaches in Oakland. The Raiders now have two of the fastest players in the Draft, both of them cornerbacks(Fabian Washington, at No. 23).
7th in the 2nd round, 39th overall
Chicago Bears Mark Bradley WR
Oklahoma   |  6-1.5  |  201
Muhsin Muhammad in free agency, running back Cedric Benson in the first round, now a wideout of some name in OU's Bradley. Rex Grossman, your ship has definitely come in.
8th in the 2nd round, 40th overall
New Orleans Saints Josh Bullocks S
Nebraska   |  6-0  |  209
This is a player who looks like a safety. He's young still, but he can become a playmaker, if given the time. Still stunning at this point: Dan Cody is still on the board. The prediction here (and it'll be the last one if this doesn't pan out) is that he'll go either at No. 41 overall, to the Titans, or Parcells will take him at 42 for the Cowboys. Sure that'll make him feel better.
9th in the 2nd round, 41st overall
Tennessee Titans Michael Roos OT
E. Washington   |  6-6.5  |  320
Tall, rangy guy who projects as a right tackle but may end up being good enough to move to left tackle. Or so they say. Any protection for the increasingly fragile Steve McNair is appreciated, we're sure.
10th in the 2nd round, 42nd overall
Dallas Cowboys Kevin Burnett OLB
Tennessee   |  6-3  |  239
All right, so much for the predictions. Parcells goes for defense, again, and again goes to bulk up the defensive front. All three picks have been in the front seven. Clearly, the Cowboys are tired of getting pushed around. Now comes the first pick for the Giants, so the fans in New York are getting plenty of face time on TV. They'll be lucky if they've heard of the guy the Giants are about to pick.
11th in the 2nd round, 43rd overall
New York Giants Corey Webster CB
LSU   |  6-1  |  199
Webster is a little under-sized, but he's no ? you know, Webster. He's a cornerback, and they've been at a premium all day. So the Giants grabbed him while they could. He's the seventh true CB picked.
12th in the 2nd round, 44th overall
Arizona Cardinals J.J. Arrington HB
California   |  5-9  |  214
He's small. Not Webster small, but smallish, and that's why he's dropped this far. The Cards went with one of the top-ranked CBs in the Draft with their first-round pick, but they needed a replacement for Emmitt Smith at RB. Arrington will get a chance to be that.
13th in the 2nd round, 45th overall
Seattle Seahawks Lofa Tatupu ILB
Southern Cal   |  6-0  |  238
Tatupu wasn't projected to go nearly this high, but he was a key part of the Trojans' defense, and being on a winner could have pushed him up the charts. He can plug the hole left by the departed Anthony Simmons. And, by this time, we've forgotten all about Dan Cody. For heaven's sake, they're talking about taking kickers now.
14th in the 2nd round, 46th overall
Miami Dolphins Matt Roth DE
Iowa   |  6-3.5  |  278
Sure, the Dolphins needed a guy like this. The Dolphins need a lot of guys like this. They got their running back in the first round. Now they have someone who can cause a little havoc on the other side of the ball.
15th in the 2nd round, 47th overall
New York Jets Mike Nugent PK
Ohio St.   |  5-9.5  |  175
Forget what anyone says. A kicker this early? Didn't teams learn from Sebastian Janikowski? Was he worth it? Of course, if anyone needed a kicker, this team did. Now if they could just find someone to take care of the clock ?
16th in the 2nd round, 48th overall
Cincinnati Bengals Odell Thurman ILB
Georgia   |  6-0  |  233
Really, how about them Dawgs? Clearly, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is beefing up his defense, and why not? The Bengals have a good RB, a good QB, a good WR or two. They can score. Stopping the other guys, though, has been a problem. Cinci was 12th in the AFC last year in points allowed per game.


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